I've been playing FPS games online ever since the old days of Quake 2. I can't play shit other than Diablo 2 anymore because my desktop is dead (for good) and my laptop can't stand up to Battlefield 2 since it does not have any graphics card whatsoever.

I've had my ups and downs, I pwned the shit out of a few little kids in CS at a LAN event once.

How long did it take training for you to finally be considered a professional gamer? Eight years maybe? Ten? I've watched the pro's play, and I cannot even begin to compare my skills to theirs. Especially in BF2. All I do in that game is play Strike at Karkand and set as many claymore mines as humanly possible, stand behind the protection of my team and pick off anyone I see with the sniper rifle. For some reason, I belive that if I trained every day for the rest of my life, I would never becomen any better at FPS games. Diablo 2 really doesn't require any skill, it requires really, REALLY good items and a good character build.

I won't get a new PC until I can cough up about $2,500.