hacked or something

Installed a fresh version of XP last night, signed into msn (an old version) to chat with mates after, went bed and left my pc on as always...

woke up to go work, go to check my email and it says my password is wrong, try again etc, still not working!

I try and reset it, but my security question is just a bunch of boxes with numbers in em, and i have no idea what my answer is...

So i dont have a clue what happend!

ive had to make a new hotmail account so i can chat with my friends tonight, but its utter gay

plus i had about 4k worth of emails dating back to like 2001 or something, so im sure theres some security information within my emails somewhere.

Fuck sake. :(

update, finally got it back \o/

Anybody recommend a good IM client? (that uses msn?)