So how do Poles feel about the deal with the US to install a missile defense system, with Russia seemingly hell-bent and even threatining a possible Nuclear Attack on Poland for this acceptance.

I gotta admit the whole think stinks from both sides.

You have the US telling Russia off for attacking Georgia when all everyone is thinking is they cannot say anything because of what the US are doing in the middle east.

I must admit I did anticipate russia would start flexing its muscles the moment the US lost some credibility over iraq and now that it's military are heavily involved over there, they're not exactly firing on all cylinders, which is why Russia are starting to fuck with people.

Its really sad everything Russia does is still laced with the tacky cold war feel, do they honestly think people are as a stupid as they were before?

Do they really think the USA will bomb Russia for no apparent reason, when they have enough technology to bomb anyone without them even knowing?

If the US wanted to bomb Russia, they're hardly likely to advertise it are they?

the fact that Russia are even talking about Nuclear action, knowing the damage would go way beyond Poland is pretty bizzare. though you would have to be retarded to let off a nuclear bomb so close to home, but still. It was a stupid thing to say.

If it gets any worse I'm gonna' move to Iceland.