Sunday, July 6 - Final Bracket

The "last invitation match" for ESWC Finals in San Jose between United States of America Czm vs United States of America Zero4 can be found here.

11:00 Semi Final: Poland Avek vs Belarus Cypher
12:00 Semi Final: China Jibo vs Sweden Fox

14:30 Semi Final: China Jibo vs Poland Avek
16:00 Final: Belarus Cypher vs Sweden Fox

Cypher showed amazing skills in this competition, won the maps pro-q3tourney4 and ztntourney1 in the final against Fox. Alexey "Cypher" Yushanevsky wins the ESWC Masters without any maploss in the whole tournament!

» Final Standings

1. Belarus Alexey "fnatic.Cyph3r" Yushanevsky - $2500
2. Sweden Magnus "LLL.Fox" Olsson - $1500
3. Poland Maciej "srs.av3k" Krzykowski - $1000
4. China Jibo
5.-8. United States of America sk-Zero4
5.-8. United States of America EG-Czm
5.-8. Austria Noctis
5.-8. Sweden Fooki

Jibo, Cypher and Zero4 secured the three places/tickets to the ESWC Finals.

» Demos
ESWC site - All demos and configs from saturday - Some demos & config pack

» Picture gallery by sk-gaming | Rapha & Fooki from behind, Zero4
The Second Batch

» Coverage Articles
Paul "CZM" Nelsons Rough Ride by Gillz
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Thanks to all at ESR who uploaded demos of the earlier games, giving comments and do analyses on the games.