The icon of the CPL World Tour in 2005, Sander "Vo0" Kaasjager is back in action after a very long break from competitive gaming. Although Q3 is not his game of choice, the Dutchman qualified for the ESWC and got invited to the ESWC Masters of Paris.

In an interview with SK Gaming, Vo0 talks about his reasons to come back, his feelings about playing a game he does not necessarily love to play and shares a great deal of thoughts about his gaming history and competitive gaming. Mandatory quote:
I love to prove people wrong. I think I can be a great competitor in Q3 if I put my mind into it. I need a whole lot of playing hours for it, yes, but that is just because I have to catch up to other players. I will be going up against people who were playing professional Q3 tournaments in 2001, and for me that is very exciting. I feel like an underdog, and it feels cool.

Furthermore, I love competition. Q4 wasn't my first game choice either but I never played any tournament in that game. That was merely because I just had a crazy tour finished and I wanted to take a break and realized that Q4 wasn't really my cup of tea. When I think back of that choice now, it might have been a wrong one. Q4 was very different from PK and I had to start all over. My pride got in the way. Being a natural talent in one game that didn't automatically transfer to the next kinda hurt it. I felt like I was never going to be as good as the top players. Which was a dumb, though, as I beat [Magnus] “fox” Olsson and [Michael] “winz” [Bignet] in Eurocup matches, but I still wasn't happy enough about the overall performances. That combined with the fact that I didn't really enjoy the game made me quit the game entirely.

All in all , it's mostly the competition that has lead me to start Q3 again.
The entire interview with this fascinating individual is to be found right here. By the way, he's clanless! ;-)