After 3 Weeks full of great matches, the European Duel League has reached the playoffs!
Fighting for the 100$ are Russia Killmaster, Sweden Spart1e, Belarus Cypher, Czech Republic Krysa, Germany K1llsen, Russia Question, Lithuania Guard and Poland zik. Good Luck!

For a nice overview of the upcoming games, you should head over to Quake Voltage, where Ukraine Free posted an article with his predictions.

Furthermore, EDL Admin Czech Republic Legie interviewed all 8 remaining players about:
1) What do you think about the tourney so far? Are you satisfied with your performance?
2) Which game was the most difficult for you and how do you estimate your chances in the play-off?
3) Who do you tip to win the tourney?

So prepare for some rough english and answers like, Germany Marcel "k1llsen" Paul:
"if my arms not poor falling down then i hope i'll win this tournament. But Cypher is candidate for the 1st place too."
As usual, there will be GTV @ and there are fixtures for all matches.
Additionaly Teamplay are going to cast some of the matches and for the finals, you can look forward to some QuadV action.
Enjoy the Playoffs!

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