LowLandLions have posted an interview with Sweden toxjq
How do you look back at what Quake 4 contributed to e-Sports? Why do you think the game did not have the longevity in e-Sports compared to its predecessor, said predecessor being Quake 3?

I think it's because the gap between good and not so good players was too large, in Quake3 even a lower skilled player could think it was fun to play because the game is so slow and you hear around the map and even if you are a lot better than your opponent you don't have the same advantage, because the game is too slow and you can't surprise in Quake 3, it's just about hitting all the rails and taking the armours. In Quake 4, it's more important to have map control and movement, if you look the wrong way once, it might cost you the game, and I like it when there is perfection to a game, if you make 1 bad call it should cost you the game.
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