...would be the "savior" of DM games.

http://archive.gamespy.com/stats/ (Hello #31! This is even more significant because Gamespy is used for the server browser, in-game stats and matchmaking in UT3.)

Not even in the top 10. In fact, looking in the server browser right now there are only a handful of full servers. Game is full of bugs (some of them dating back 8 years in every incarnation of the unreal engine, like the 0 damage direct projectile bug), had very little marketing happening before release and runs like total shit on old systems, compared to COD4. Which is actually #2.

Even Q4 @ the awful 1.0 had more players at release.

So at the end of the road, 3 years in development, we get a tech demo that only exists because Epic want to burn people's eyes with bloom and depth of field in order to sell more engine licenses and appeal to console heroes.

I can understand how some of you might have wanted to see UT3 in CGS, so you can be part of the "play shitty games for money" profession. But even then, it's very unlikely. They would have to bastardize deathmatch so much just to make people watch it, and it doesn't help that some of the big name CS teams are leaving CGS after their contract runs out at the end of Season 2. You can pay a player to play shitty games, but you can't pay them to like them.

Enjoy your AIDS.