Here is my first Q4 map, Chryosis. Its a duel map, but you could probably play a 2v2 on it or some FFA with a small amount of players, since its a bit bigger than most duel maps out at the moment. It has a quad for those modes but obviously is removed for duel play.

During private play testing I had a lot of fun dueling on this map, but then I do know it quite well ;) there are quite a few jumps and shortcuts which might take a while to learn, but I'm sure seasoned players will pick it up fairly quickly.

Some people might be pleased to know the map has ledge catching. It doesn't mean the jumps are "easy" though, its just a feature of the map if you know what I mean. Personally I like it and find it makes things feel a lot smoother, and gives that feeling of just making a jump.

There are a few "unfinished" things on the map but its mostly textures. These things are only temporary and should be sorted out by the next beta:

- The lighting isn't optimised, the lights are only really there so that the map isn't completely dark when ambient light isn't being used, and it looks nicer for screenshots.
- There are some brushes which are just there to facilitate gameplay / 1v1 balancing, such as a bar which stops you from ramp jumping up to YA from the ground.
- The teleporters are about as basic as the get, looks wise, but it doesn't bother me at the moment - I'll try and make them look nice for the next beta.
- There are no weapon spawn markers at the moment, but tbh the main weapons are marked by being in cubby holes etc. so shouldn't be a major problem.

Mostly I am looking for any gameplay issues that come up (item placement, amount of health, routes etc.), as I know about most of the texture/brush/lighting things I need to do. But if you see something that I might miss please let me know, all suggestions are appreciated.

If you want to chat about the map with me on IRC come to channel #fragaholics on quakenet, it is the official channel for the map xD


Or you can connect to the server below and it will auto dl.

I have a server set up at (password: chryosis). It is a Multiplay UK server and it only has this map on it.

NL server (thx to Vindex): pw q4

it seems the old alphas got around more than I expected. Since I didn't think they were on any servers, I didn't change the name of the map in the PK4. This seems to be causing the old map to load on some peoples computers. I have now updated the download link to include a different map name and pk4. If you have already downloaded the map, just download it again and it will solve this problem. You can delete map_chryosis.pk4 and map_bstdm1beta.pk4 from your q4base folder aswell if you like, they are no longer used.