Winner:Parousia wins, Odds: 74% (1.3:1)
Bets placed: E$26031, betting open: 15:08 CST 31 Mar 2002 to 07:59 CDT 7 Apr 2002

Loser:clan Knightmare wins, Odds: 25% (3.8:1)
Bets placed: E$7126, betting open: 15:09 CST 31 Mar 2002 to 07:59 CDT 7 Apr 2002

The number 2 seed faces off against the 7th seed in round one playoff contention. Parousia, the clan that was predicted by some to win all of resurrection2 has had a bit of a disapointing season with a surprising 3 game loss to D|S in week 2 and two closely won match-ups against jp and *69 in weeks 3 and 4. Clan knightmare also lost to D|S in a 3 game match and won a tight 2 game series against *69 last week. Both teams want to advance into round 2 and with parousia picking up socrates before week 5's roster lock will that give them the push they need to advance or will the semi-active players of rilla and propolys be the backbone of km

regular season/wildcard record

2c 4-1
km 4-2


parousia win