Was this close <---> to buying Vista, coz well, its the next big thing, DX10 is out for it and soon it will be more convenient to just switch over. But thought, fek it, ill get a shot of my friends copy first to try it briefly.

Thank goodness I didn't buy it. The years of beta testing has obviously not done much. I know there are many people using it happily, but there are many systems that should be able to install it that cant.

After searching google for my problem (installation hangs at the 'Completing Installation...' stage) it seems I am not at all the only one. The bigger problem is that there doesnt seem to be a solution. Some brand new hardware configurations on which XP works perfectly, vista just cannot install. People with my mobo (Asus P5N-E) are reporting to have the problem, but also some other systems. It is definitely not my copy of vista, since then i have downloaded 2 other versions that work for many people.

Sigh, rant over, i still hate microsoft!!!