Thats me! :(

My 2 year contract expired at the largest gym in the Southern hemisphere. My job was to make sure everything goes according to plan at the aerobics classes. Make sure the music is pumping, the aerobic mic's at the right level, help the injured, open and close the halls and equipment etc etc.

What it really came down to is 'helping' 100's of the hottest girls you'll ever see. Some even offered to pay me, to do my job for me. :P

Worked there every week day for 1.5 - 3.75 hours a day, some early morning shifts to late Friday night shits, which where ftl.
Earned R25/per hour, its about 1.7 pounds a hour, might not be much in your country, but I can buy a six pack of beer with R25-30 and a large country breakfast for R15 or a bottle of whine. In other words, more than enough for a student here to live from.

Now it's all on the studies, still have 2-4 years to go. So now I have less cash to spend on the ladies and partying ("90% of my money I spend on women and drink, the rest I waste") and more time to study.

Bleh I feel a bit shit atm, ill just let the reality sink into me while I finish a beer or two and listen to some chilled isicathamiya.