At 11.30am this morning my BMW was pronounced dead... by a police officer. While the heart was still beating it was clear it wasnt going to do any more miles.

Driving along a new stretch of tarmac along a lane i have driven twice a day for the last 3 months, i gave myself some room to pass an oncoming car, rear wheel went off the road (it was a small verge which contained loose gravel and wet mud) slightly, back end started to swing out. At this point something in my mind triggered, it wasnt the right thing. Down like a sledgehammer went the right foot, ramming home the brake pedal. Oh dear, wrong thing to do!
I had some new rear brakes put on less than 100 miles ago, these didnt grip too well, but did a bit. Car went sideways across the road and into about a 5 foot ditch, at somewhere between 35mph and 40 mph. The nose dived into the opposite side of the ditch, causing the car to flip, bounce on its roof back onto the wheels. Airbags didnt deploy, A, B and C pillars still straight, slight bend in the roof where it bounced.

No pictures im afraid, my phone is borked, was shocked that i was able to make a call on it, let alone take any pictures. no idea how the works laptop is yet (was on the back seat, that could have hurt!).

Ambulance and police attended. Paramedics gave me the all clear, graze on forehead and a fair few mountains growing in my bald patches, raised blood vessels on my shoulder (from the seatbelt). No pain anywhere. Nice enough people, advised me on all my local places I can go should I feel any pains at all.

Police man was a nice bloke, while i was being checked over he was looking at the road, the insertion into the ditch, the broken fence and where the car landed. Took a statement and told me that he felt that I was accurate in my description and wasnt going to take any action at all, was confident that I wasnt speeding and there was no other factors to consider. Also told me to ring the police if I need any help with anything or advice on who to speak to, especially as the shock period mixes with grievance.

i know the pain will come later and in the morning when my adrenaline levels drop. the shock will probably set in then as well.

The worst thing, all i have thought about today is a friend that was lost on saturday in a bike accident -