Have been one of the idiots that been setting up servers, q3, q4, warsow, ts2, streams, gtv, web and whatever for the last 4 years, only for the gaming community. Really, why? Ive been nagging a little bit in forums and replys, but it actually sucks so hard. Ive been running 8*q3, 8*q4, 2*ts2, 1*gtv 500 slots, vid stream for > 200 ppl, forum, website, shoutcast and whatever. Im hosting #Quake4All, #Tdmpickup.se, #Ftpickup.se, #q3ft.se, #ctfpickup.se, #gameready (vid-streams from snl, cb, etc), etc. I like to set up servers, I like to provide stuff, but really, why?

Well, now Im tired, Im fed up with all the lazy, "pirate-generation" kidz, probably assuming that everything on the Internet is for free and is up and running for them and only them. Tired about the, probably 10%, people always, at all times, what ever the mattter is, have to complain. Out of the 50 priv msg I get per week, 40 of them tells me I suck for providing free streams, or for having 10 public servers that I update, lock, manage, admin for matches, or for having 79 of the new 80 maps, for for having snapshot 30 when they like 40, or for beeing a jerk banning ppl now showing up on signed pickups., or just for providing the servers (?) so Im a bad person when shutting them down due rasist behavior on the server.

This community needs to realize that everything isnt for free. People spend time, their personal money to let ppl play. Pls show a tiny little bit respect to those guys, they can stop at any time, and the only part that suffers is you.

Im not saying this to get feedback about what Im doing, Im way beyond that. I will stop anyway due to all the fuckheads outhere not knowing about what I and loads of other guys provide to them for free.

So, pls, do you want to have freedom of choice without paying or be forced to play on certain servers, just be polite and have common sense, thats enough. Dont assume that everyone else is so stupid, they probably have reasons for doing as they do.

I know that Im an idiot, spent about 10-20 hours a week, streaming, updating, admining, investing €10000, paying €100/month and ffs my power bill is €4/24 hours only for the servers, to let ppl play pickups and have pcw/warservers. I learned something, at last (Im stupid, u dont have to mention that) that the gaming community is for kidz, not for men, men understand things, kidz dont.

So bye bye, gaming community, maybe I got to old, but I still think that the way people behave and expect services today will not be possible in the long run.

For those playing on the mentioned pickups, I have tried to spread the servers to other hosts to maintain them and I will keep running some of them not requireing any updates. But, some of them will be shut down pretty soon, when I feel like it....