ESReality IRC channel is situated on channel #ESReality, the channel has +r mode set which means you have to be registered to enter.

The channel is not just a community channel its also a help channel for users requiring assistance, please respect this.

Channel operators (+o) are Site Admins and above, voiced (+v) users are User Admins and some V.I.P users.

ESReality (Channel Bot) Commands are as follows:
!about !admin !articles !buttons !columns !contact !contribute !coverage !date !demos !disclaimer !esr !ESReality !events !faq !files !filters !fixtures !forum !galleries !google <txt here> !guide !hof !journals !judgements !movies !news !notifications !online !peak !polls !post !preferences !referers !rss !search !site !time !users

Channel Rules:

Be careful with what you link:
Do not post links with 'offensive' content. Gore and excessive violence (both photographic and animated).
Pornography and strongly sexually suggestive material (both photographic and animated).
Racist and hate speech material.
Virus links.

Be Respectful:
IRC is a dynamic place, it is a conversation, not a forum where others can come and go and browse at their leisure, what you see is what you get. It's understandable that the discussion will drift into off topic or even mature subjects at times, it is your responsibility to ensure you are not offending or excluding other participants in the chat.
Do not harass/abuse other users. Inflammatory, rude, repetitive or offensive messages designed intentionally to annoy/abuse/irritate or antagonize users or disruption of the flow of discussion will not be tolerated.

No "warez" or exchanges of known copyrighted material.

If users do not adhere to the above rules and ignore warnings from the channel ops they face action being taken or if the channel environment is being negatively affected by any user channel ops may act at their sole discretion.

We would like our channel to be a friendly place where users can seek help and have discussions (not just gaming related). Not get flamed at every opportunity. Respect the rules and the rules will respect you.