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Rating: 6.8 (109 votes)
Many of you may probably remember the video Deception by Tchouky that was released sometime in 2004. Well, after a long two year gap, he decided to stop being lazy and make us all at Shaolin Productions very proud again :)

The result is Anti-Conformist, a frag, trick, Quake 3 vid(!!!) where he displays his really cool bot programming skills once again. If Visor could do 3x RJ's, maybe Mynx can dance. Expect some fragging that is probably impossible to do without the scripting as well. In short, it is a pure visual treat that is definitely worth checking out. hf.

[23:00] <+uv-Max-> isn't the term, non-conformist? :O
[23:00] <@sp^fei> no, we are being anti-conformist by not conforming to the conformist way of naming the non-conformist.

Duration : 6 minutes
Codec : x.264

More mirrors and an Xvid version coming soon.