Argh, such is life... I'm kinda pissed. I started playing poker again on Monday. And hurray this time somehow I played good and won quite some money. That is if you consider $100 in 4 days a good money. For my standards (ie. losing all the time ;D) it was.

So today I thought "ha, what the hell, let's try higher table". So I joined, put my money in and... it wasn't long enough when I realised that I've already lost $50... :/ Damn. Hopefully it wasn't too late and I quickly left the table and went back to lower one ;) So now I'm sitting and trying to get the money back. But it doesn't come... :/ I am constantly equal now: I win a hand and then I lose a hand.

And to top it all I just had the best hand in my life so far: Straight Flush KQJT9. Now guess how much money did I win?