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Last week at E3 I had the chance to sit down with Ms.X Canada, trito Sweden, and Liefje [flag=new zealand] of the girlz 0f destruction. The girls are currently preparing for their upcoming ESWC tournament and have been gaining tons of press ever since they moved into their very own gaming house "The Home of Chrome".

In the interview they discuss a normal day is like, what it is like to live in The Home of Chrome, the visitors to their home, how their sponsorship with VIA started, what games they are playing, future mainstream press coverage, their thoughts on Quake4, the Ms.QuakeCon tournament, ESWC, and more!

This High Definition (1280x720) interview is also available in streaming video using a flash video player. Just click on the "Stream This Video" link located on the download page just above the regular file links.