The GIGA LIGA UT2004 Grand Slam for UT2004 kicked off last night with the first wave of the group matches being played. Over the next 4 nights, the rest of the games will be played for a place in the quarter finals. The playoffs currently have 2 groups of 6 players in them, with the top 4 from each going through to the next round.

Each evening, iTG will be bringing TWO of the matches via shoutcast (ReDeYe). The games to be covered are announced at 19:30CET in #gigaliga.ut on quakenet and you can grab the direct link to the cast from Radio iTG. UTV links will also be given out in the channel.

The full remaining fixtures are as follows.

Tuesday 2nd August 2005

Wednesday 3rd August 2005

Thursday 4th August 2005

Friday 5th August 2005

Source: GIGA LIGA.