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I want to mention that another ETF related movie was released.
ekse, who is a member in a ETF clan and also part of the cpma.na clan. Merged both worlds of his beloved games into one movie filled with action. Here the notes from his clan website:

After a month of more and less work, i finished my little ETF and CPMActf Movie.

don't expect too much. as i didnt want to spend so much time on it, i watched quite few demos and therefore its nothing special.
but still, i think it became a really nice little movie :)

It was also meant to be a little ETF promotion movie, thats another reason i kept the ETF action quite low. its already confusing enough for people who don't know anything about ETF.

The CPMA part is
a) to show you my leet skills ;)
b) because im playing CPMctf and this movie is also about me
c) to get more attention on ETF by other gamers.

Name: seKsey
Featuring: eKse
Duration: 10 minutes
Size: 260mb

Thanks to sh4un for hosting the file

Have fun, watching