That's right, the premier Unreal Tournament 2004 competitive mod, UTComp, has in version 1.6 beta 3 decided to improve upon the actual netcode of the game with some great results. The game now compensates for ping, essentially creating the equivalent of a LAN environment with noticeable results for all hitscan weapons. However, for those who feel that the change is too large, a client-side option is provided to turn the enhanced netcode off and revert to the old UT2004 feel.

In addition, the team has also added a new game mode called Clan Arena, which should be familiar to all Quake 3 players. Other improvements include the voting of spawn grenade amounts, spectator hitsounds and an APM (actions per minute) display that should be familiar to RTS players.

You can read a more detailed explanation of how the team improved on the netcode as well as check out the full changelog from the old 1.5a version on the UTComp page. Whether the change in netcode is embraced by leagues such as the UTCL and EuroCup remains to be seen.