I have interviewed ZeRo4 who beat thefou on stage yesterday. Of course, no introduction is needed for John. The article covers A LOT of his history as a player, the already famous wire weight and a little bit of this year's ESWC. Here's a snip as usual:
When I first got into playing Quake 2, I found myself getting more and more competitive. Finally when Quake 3 came out I was determined to play and eventually win at a high competitive level. I noticed in every game prior to this, Quake & Quake2, everybody acquired their own strategy that stemmed from a basic strategy. The core of this strategy came from a player named Thresh. Even while playing quake3, I studied his demos mostly while also viewing Immortal's and Makavelis's demos. I learned a great deal from all three of these players especially Thresh.
For more ZeRo4, simply click the next page button. It's that simple. More interviews coming.
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