The Greatest Gamer of all Time series we have been running here at ESReality has been a monumental success. With close to half a million hits and above 5000 comments altogether, no one can deny that this indeed has been a hectic battle. Points have been swung left and right, people have cheered when their favorites won against their arch-nemesis, others have cried when their hero lost. All in the name of good sports.

Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys good sports. A certain russian esports site who also happens to be staffed by Polosatiy, have actively told their users to register several times to get multiple votes, thus cheat. There have even been some boasting among them of who could fix the most number of votes single handedly. It is hard to believe that anyone would want to cheat in a poll which only purpose is to enlighten the user and provide fun, yet it has happened. It has been deemed that the massive amount of cheated votes for Russia Polosatiy tipped the scale. With those cheated votes disabled, the victory goes to Sweden Potti.

So from a list of the 16 Greatest Gamers of all Time, only two are still left in the tournament;

Sweden SK|Potti
Korea (Republic of) SlayerS_'BoxeR'

These two players will start their battle tomorrow evening.