The League of Extraordinary Women is an online CS tournament, run by aNouC and Daishi, for girls teams to help with preparation for the ESWC.

“The Fantom” is fermenting war between the nations with his advanced weaponry and devious cunning – we need you and a selection of fellows to confront this madman, halt his nefarious plan and save the world! This band will be called… The League of Extraordinary Women!
IRC: #loew
URL: ESR Filter for LoeW
Dates: Weekend of 16th April to May 2004
Sponsors: Sponsorship List
Rules: Final Version
Participants: Final participants List
Standings: Groups
Schedule: Final Schedule
Coverage: Sites offering Coverage

Results: Week One
Demos: Here
Fixtures: Coming Soon!
Shoutcast: Coming Soon with Radio iTG!

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