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One thing’s for sure. The Cyber X Games will be remembered. For long. And it will not be because elpajuo showed the world what kind of a monster he really is. And not because Team64 beat SK in CS. And not because Fatal1ty owned his UT2003 group with half a year’s practice in… CS. And not that it is the first big overseas Lauke win.

No matter what feats of skill anyone pulled off in Vegas this weekend, the only legendary thing will be the calamitous organisation, the cancellation of a few events and D|S-Syn’s heroic struggle to run the Quake 3 tournament as well as possible. The stunt Recon pulled at CPL Summer, the cancellation of a qualifier, the cancellation of the ET tournament a week before the event foreshadowed what was to come in Las Vegas.

And the final lived up to its harbingers. The Counter-Strike tournament cancelled, the RTCW tournament cancelled, WC3 played on an old patch, UT2003 played on LCD monitors with a player admitted into the tournament two days after the signup deadline and a player arrested for hitting another player. Finally, someone removing the server rack in the middle of the tournament depriving us of the last scraps of the coverage...

I was reading the news of those disasters flabbergasted. It gave me more or less the same feeling as when finding out about a well known army shooting at its own troops in a well known war. I wonder, what the hell have the CXG staff been doing for six months? A bunch of fifteen year-olds would have done a better job on the better budget. What is interesting is how the hell did those people get this kind of money in the first place?

A failure like this one is not Mr Hill’s disaster. It’s our common disaster regardless of who it is to blame (and it’s easy to point to the guilty ones in this case). This makes gamers look bad in the media, this doesn’t give the competitive push for the CPL to improve and all the pros in the world of ESports will have less money to earn. I don’t suppose CXG will have sponsors horny to support them any time soon… And I am not sure if they deserve a second chance.

There were a few positive things about CXG, at least from my point of view. As usual, it was the players. The community did absolutely everything they could to try and make all this happen. Those who worked all night to try and get the CS network to operate, those who did their best to get GTV running. And, of course, the players. Those never fail to amaze and entertain us. The CPM god elpajuo doing absolutely crazy stuff, Fatal1ty humiliating those who practiced hard for this event and let him beat them, Lotus storming through the competition as if they were all easy level bots. Real players are monsters. Whatever the conditions, they will play and make the best of what they have. Remember, kids, this is still supposed to be about fun.

One more thing has to be said. Without any doubt, CXG did Clikarena a big favour. The French tournament will no longer be shown as an example of a bad event. Actually, I don’t think any event will supersede CXG in this respect…

[edit] Big, big props for Radio iTG for running the show as well and getting that much info from the event to us. I am ashamed that I forgot to mention you guys.