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CS female tournaments are not only a good way to add a feminine presence in usually testosterone boosted LAN environment, itís also a very efficient promotion for the whole e-sport as obvious evidence that the old nerd stereotype does no longer represent the competitive gaming community. Nonetheless, it appears that this emerging movement isnít spared by the usual player-organizer problems, even worse, itís now struck by the one of the most infamous disease: players boycotting other players.

WCG Europe is now setting up a CS female tournament with tickets to Korea for the winning team. Teams registered but some nationality restriction rules were applied by the WCG Europe admins. It stipulates that your team should field players from one country but allowed one player from another nationality. This is quite harsh for a community where there are so few players to make a team out of. Moreover, it just made many teams outlaw due to their cosmopolite line-up.

The ESWC champion, SK team member Spain aNouC went to the Korean admins to ask them if this country restriction rule was peremptory and was told that it didnít matter since it was an exhibition tournament so that the decision was all WCG Europe adminsí.

They could have simply changed the rule to let on of the best clans enter this competition but when the SK players came to the WCG Europe officials, they answered that they couldnít change it because that rule was imposed by the Korean referees. How funny is that? Itís not.

Then the SK girls came to the other teams and organized a poll about the rule itself, and the majority vote to keep the rule as it was, thus eliminating the ESWC champions. The WCG Europe admins organized the same poll, with a similar result. Whatís the acronym for ďLaughing out loudĒ again?

Iím sorry I canít get into much details here, to be honest itís even painful do dwell the French forums where the whole case keeps growing. But the main problem here is that players are given the opportunity by tournament organizers to simply boycott other players, and that they actually do it.

Canít they realize that e-sport is too young and too weak for such behaviour to be allowed? That they are just killing the goose that laid the golden egg before itís even old enough, and this is not even funny, itís demoralizing.

Note: due to the extreme mess around all this case, itís possible that Iíve been wrong, or maybe a little approximate as Iíve taken my sources on peoples that are on the very heart of the issue. Iíll try to find out more, as things will hopefully clear up.