Polish quakers first have made a q3 tower which is 64 players high - they've reached the maximum capacity of a quake3 server! No higher tower is possible to build using quake3. This has been the third Polish attempt of reaching 64 players for the last few months and it has ended with success after 115 minutes of trying. It's worth to notice that the server was full just five minutes after it had been raised - later it became nearly impossible to join it. Everyone wanted to compete :)
How did they do it? 63 players were standing in a line while one spectator, recording the demo, counted them and later joined the game to be the 64th brick. It was all easy :)
Everything is clearly shown on a little demo in the attached zip file. There are also some screens, a readme file with all players who took part and a config used on the server.
You can download the file by clicking here (350kB) or using the ESR ftp link below.
There will be no more records - the Polish one is definitely the ultimate :)