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Rating: 6.3 (26 votes)
Finally, after a long time of waiting "Power of Speed" movie created by fhn-ALIEN came out. This movie shows some Q3 games by the best CPMa players in Poland - matrox and his twin brother sting, who's just a little worse than his brother, but still one of the best in Poland. The "Power of Speed" looks very good, there's also a very good music in background (for example Nightwish).

This movie is 22 minutes long, and it's 245 MB. It's hosted by Polish Q3 site - Q3ARENA.GRY.WP.PL so your transfer might not be that good. I'm sorry but right now we have no mirrors for this file, so if you can host this file for a while, then gimme an URL in comments and I'll update this news.

Power of Speed would be very good Q3 clip, but there's one thing that made me laugh! English. While watching the movie you can find some strange English language. For example: "we meat again" (which should be "we meet again") or "you die if you thinking to match" ("you'll die if you think to much")

source: Q3.FPP.PL