The website makes it possible for gamers from all over the world to play. Gamers can create their own tournaments with the website and can also join official tournaments with prizes.

Now that the 2 month test period is over, the system is now operative to build his name with the European gamers. To propose a maximal global activity, etourn is already sponsorised by SteelSeries, and funpic.

UT2004, QuakeLive and SC2 are supported as a Major game along with CS:S, CS 1.6, FIFA 11 & COD4. Some other titles are represented as emerging games (DotA, HoN, ICQ Game and many others...)

The more players and activity we have, the more our game will be supported. If there are 100 or more sign-ups, we will get other prizes from (big) compagnies.

Links: English version, Calendar, EventPages, Sign ups UT2004, Sign ups QL, Sign ups SC2 - mIRC #etourn