Scheduled: 21:00 CDT, 5 June 2010 to 02:00 CDT, 6 June 2010
Schedule: Passed

CyberGamer in association with Acer, PC PowerPlay, and 4SeasonsGaming are proud to announce the launch of the next installment in the CyberGamer Championship Series, the QuakeLive Duel Championships!

Anyone in Australia will be welcomed to register for this event but only the top 32 of all of the applicants will be selected to battle it out at City Hunter Internet Café in Chinatown Sydney for the right to call themselves the Australian QuakeLive Duel Champion.

So get ready to be railed rocketed and struck by lightning during one intense day of fragging with Mick05 from 4SeasonsGaming there covering all the frags all the hype and all the action in what will be a colossal day.

Final rankings:
1st. cup_gold Australia Andrew "Python" Cha Cha - Acer Aspire G7750 (A$7,000)
2nd. cup_silver Australia Timothy "Zealor" Shey
3-4th. Australia Peter "Ventz" Kidson, Australia Daniel "dan" De sousa

Links: Announcement, Tournament Page, mIRC #4sg
Streams: 4SeasonsGaming TV,,