I was using the IE 3.0 for a while now, with Steelseries mousefeet, on a SS QcK+. I broke the 3.0, and when I went to go to Future Shop to get a new one, they didn't have any on the shelf, but I did see the Razer Salmosa. Being a fan of the G3 previously, I bought it.

My issue right now is the sensitivity. While the 3.0 was out of commission, I used a Microsoft WMO for a day or so. The feet were awful, but my sens felt the same. I didn't install Razer drivers, I don't see a need for them.

In Q3 and QL my sensitivity was 4. I did the math accordingly, but for some reason, my sensitivity feels lower. The Salmosa is 800dpi at 500hz (My IE 3.0 was also at 500hz)

I did it under the assumption that the 3.0 is 400dpi (Which is what I've heard and read from mostly everyone).

My Math (grade 2 stuff, but whatever)

4 sensitivity @ 400dpi - IE 3.0
2 sensitivity @ 800dpi - Salmosa

Right? Those two values are essentially the same, correct?

Well, this is the reason that leads me to believe that the 3.0 is indeed 450dpi, and not 400. If you Google "Microsoft Intellimouse 3.0 450dpi" you get a decent amount of results.

http://www.esreality.com/?a=longpost&id=1265679&page=5 - Sujoy lists it as 400dpi.

The math assuming it's 450 dpi is

450/800 = 0.5625

4 * 0.5625 = 2.25

Now when I go into Q3 and play with 2.25, it feels a LOT better, feels more like my 3.0, the sens feels almost identical.

But, that could just be me. Anyone else have more tests on this?