Big news in the Wolfenstein world! Crossfire and Impact gaming have announced the second inaugural ET Masters. In the first few days we've seen an impressive amount of activity from the ET scene, with a plethora of clans showing interest and we've already 84 teams signed up to the competition - this is going to be a major event!

The ET Masers concept was originally created by United Kingdom Impact gaming, and they've since teamed up in a joint venture with Crossfire Crossfire to entertain even more players and offering more slots and more prize money to create a tournament to remember.

Roused by the announcement, a few partners have since joined the fray offering support of additional prizes for all the leagues, including game servers, ESL TV premium accounts and more yet to be announced.

Crossfire Crossfire and Europe will be teaming up once again to provide coverage including all the hottest news on the competition every day and giving the opportunity to tune in to most matches live on ET's fantastic TV feature ETTV. It's also our intention to get TosspoT and QuadV QuadV casting the top matches live on their video stream.

The tournament will have two divisions, the first being the Masters division, an invite only league with a few places going to the qualifiers, offering prize money for 16 teams to participate and a second division for as many teams as possible the chance to play in groups of up to 8 teams.

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