Press Release

Dallas, Texas - The CPL have today announced that all outstanding prize money payments were mailed to winners yesterday.

Totalling over $1m, the CPL's outstanding prize money payments go as far as back as the company's première event The Frag in 1997 and include the recent World Tour Finals.

"It has been more than a decade now since holding our first event at the InfoMart in Dallas and we feel the gamers who have waited patiently all these years have waited long enough. " said Angel Munoz, CPL Founder and CEO by telephone from his private island in the Bahamas which is rumoured to have been bought with interest accrued from the prize money.

George Kaspiris, Director of Misdirection for the CPL, "It's true, we (the CPL board of directors) have spent the last eight weeks going through all the prize money forms received since the company's formation. It would have come sooner had so many people not sent, resent and resent again their forms to us."