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Rating: 8.3 (2 votes)
This trailer presents the second production of Polish movie maker Conm. After unexpected success of his first project - esr Evil Inside - he decided to make a movie including top ten frags and actions from one of the Polish Quake 2 Quake 2 cups.

You may ask: "What's the point of making a trailer for a few minutes long movie?". Well, the trailer shows only short fragments of these great actions. You see someone in the air, but you can't predict what happens next. We have three players who are going to attack bottom RL on The Edge but you don't know if they will succeed or whether a player from the other team will kill them with a hand grenade. You must check it on your own! Moreover Conm will include some "funny moments" in the movie. It should be released before holiday.
Poland Conm
You think you know what will happen next? Think again ;]


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Length: 1:12
Resolution: 800x600
Size: 46/39 MB (x264/XviD)
Video codec: x264/XviD
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