Scheduled: 05:00 CST, 24 December 2007
Schedule: Passed

I have just downloaded Quake 4 Run and because sometimes I find myself not playing duel, but run around maps just for that feeling I installed it with big expectations.
I copied my Q4MAX 0.80 config there, bind kill (I don't use that in duels :) and start to run around a bit.

For me, some maps were hard but I jumped like 30 mins in map Airslide by Germany Pan-(G) and I decided to run a competition.

To run proper server and creating correct demos you can use this .bat files by Mexico TTK-Bandit that you copy to q4run directory. First you start local_dedicated, than local_connect. Thanks Bandit, our fastest runner with 28.776 seconds - Screenshot

Deadline is 24th December 06:00 CDT and if you want to compete, you just have to send demos of your fastest run.

Fastest Forrest on Airslide - 29.392 - Germany k1llsen - Screenshot, Demo, Video - 29.960 - Sweden nani - Screenshot, Demo - 32.604 - Finland Epiotic - Screenshot, Demo - 32.747 - Czech Republic Walpeer - Screenshot, Demo - 33.368 - United States of America shizem - Screenshot, Demo
To watch demos, you have to lunch map first, set demo_enforceFS to 0 and than run demo by playNetDemo "name_of_demo" Thnx Pan-

Winner of this contest will be declared X-MAS Airslide Forrest.

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