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As most of you know by now I'm female, for those of you that didn't know, you do now.

It's not easy being female we have to pout, we have to sulk and we even have to have tantrums to get our own way ... come on girls admit it, you've done it, we all have. We manipulate men to get what we want. Whether it be that awesome new pair of shoes we saw the other day or just simply to get our own way. As for hormones don't even go there. What was reasonably logical last week will be the end of the world the next, no explanation needed just because "we can" and we most definitely do.

Now me personally I'm somewhat of a "geezabird", I give as good as I get. I'm by no means a prissy girly who gets offended by male comments on breasts, nor pictures of them or women walking around gaming events scantily clad in next to no clothing ... I personally wouldn't do it, but hey whatever floats your boat. I can be quite often found on IRC ribbing Dird about his nocturnal "habits" or even up to my knees in horse poop. Neither am I a feminist. I wont shout and scream equality and demand I get treated with the same respect as the men, I earn my respect, I do my "job", I get on with it.

Now bearing this in mind females in gaming should do the same. They should earn their respect in the gaming world playing with the men and against the men. This is the same in business when was the last time you saw a soul female company? I cant think of any, that would be, well, sexist. Females should integrate into the community. Not alienate themselves from fellow players. "Safety in Numbers", hell no women are scary when in a coven, all bitching and cackling, plotting their revenge.

Remember what i said at the start? "we have to pout, we have to sulk". This seems to have spilt over into the gaming world. Because the female players just don't cut it verses the men the feel they have to create their own little world they can be dominant in. They segregate themselves and in turn make an already small community event smaller. Instead they should prove their worth. Women just don't have that competitive edge men do, the will to succeed, to be the best. Some might even say it's due to their genetic make up or simply because the male brain is faster. Does this mean they shouldn't compete verses the men?

Women by nature manipulate we will do whatever we can to get what we want and when that doesn't happen we sulk. Bear that in mind the next time someone is screaming equality. Is it really THAT hard to work for what you want? To go through the proper channels to make a difference.

Women wonder why they are not taken seriously in gaming. Stop trying to be different. Stop drawing attention to yourselves, just get on and do it! Please don't expect to be treated any different just because you are female and then have a sulk when you are treated with disrespect. Remember at the moment this is still a very male dominated environment, like it or lump it, it's the way it is. Men will be men and boys will be boys. If anyone thinks they can change the way men think then I'm sorry but you are very naive.

Will i wear dungarees and shave my head and act like a feminist to change things? Hell no of course I wont I love this community the way it is, warts and all.

ps :: I use Gorge model when playing UT2004, he is male ...