This weekend sees 8 of the best Quake 4 Quake 4 players in the World face off against each other at Chelsea Piers in New York with the winner being crowned the World Series of Video Games 2006 Champion.

Final Standing
1: cup_gold Sweden Toxic - $20000
2: cup_silver United States of America Fatal1ty - $10000
3: cup_bronze United States of America Socrates - $5000
4: Russia Cooller
5/6: Italy Stermy , Sweden Ztrider
7/8: United States of America LoSt-CaUzE , United Kingdom 2GD

Grand Final

First BO3 (Demos)
Sweden Toxic 0:2 United States of America Fatal1ty
Map: Phrantic 3:4
Placebo: 18:31

Second BO3 (Demos)
Sweden Toxic 2:1 United States of America Fatal1ty
Monsoon: 29:6
Placebo: 16:18 (OT)
Phrantic: 30:5

Video Streams: TSN1, TSN2 ,TSN3 , TSN4, TSN5 and CSTV
IRC channel #wsvg
Official Bracket
Day 1 Demos
Day 2 Demos

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