New-school Swedish player Sebastian "Spart1e" Siira and Poland's Maciej "zik" Jaku have been interviewed about Day 2 of the CPL Nordic event and how they will both fair on the final day.


What are your thoughts of the CPL Nordic event so far? What are your thoughts of Dreamhack Winter 2006 in general?

Sweden Sebastian "Spart1e" Siira: I feel a bit disappointed actually. So many players didn't show up 'cause there's no prize money. Nonetheless, I enjoy the people that are here. There's a lot of CS'ers and WoW'ers at Dreamhack overall, I hate it. Still, it's nice here, there's many fun things to do and I'm happy I came here at least once.

In your game vs Z4muZ, each of the maps you lost were in blowout fashion, what happened?

Poland Maciej "zik" Jaku: It was just all Z4muZ, he had timed every single item, I was just out-smarted. How he played on those maps was a masterpiece, every single second I felt pressure, his every jump, every shot made me really confused. That was a perfect game from him and a good lesson for me.

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