Well, just had a bit of a mad night. A few hours ago I heard a loud crashing noise through trees, looked out of my window and could see two faint lights in the bushes.
Was pitch black everywhere else. I live not too far away from a motorway so I thought maybe someone had come of as it happens quite often by there, but wanted to make sure before I starte calling emergency services.

I got closer I saw one of my neighbours behind me as he heard it too and there was a car with the wheel hanging off on the floor, windows smashed up pretty mangled.

Driver door was wedged against a tree, could not see through becasue it was very dark, apart from the headlights which were on and poiting towards the ground at a chewed up wheel.

So I go over to passenger side, window there was smashed looked in and there was someone slumped near the drivers side.

Hard to see if he was sitting in the seat as there was loads of panelling that had come off and I think the airbag had exploded so there was all this white stuff.

"Fucking hell there's someone in there" I said, by which time my neighbour ran to call the cops.

I could not open the passenger door, so clambered back over to drivers side to see if he was ok. I knew it was a bloke becasue of the build. And there was a faint ambience because of the headlamps.

So I ran back over to drivers side and I could see an arm sticking out, I touched it while attempting to feel for a pulse and through the shirt I thought<< I could feel bone, I went "urrgh" and started to try and pull some of the interior away becasue I could still not really see or get to him.
I thought I felt a pulse tbh but I don't know if my mind was playing tricks cu part of his arm was hanging out if window and the door was presse against tree.

"yo mate wake up!"

Scary shit, pitch black all alone with at this point I thought could well have been a corpse because the scene was not a pretty sight.
All of a suddden he wakes and in a panic, pulls himself out of the passenger window mutters something and ran off into the moonlinght!
By the time I got back over to the other side, he had disappeared into the night.

At this point I was like WTF, a few seconds ago I thought he might be dead then he was doing this.

At this point you could hear the cops in the distance, then 2-3 fire engines came, and a then a police helicopter with thermal imaging.
I could not see anyone else in the vehicle so I guess they wanted to check if there was anyone who had been thrown out of the vehicle.

About an hour later, just past midnight I hear a knock on the door. I had to give a statement to the police of pretty much what I just told you.

But apparently they had picked the guy up. Amazingly he had only minor injuries, which was remarkable given the car had done a jackknife and was facing the wrong way, had a wheel torn clean off.
Whilst giving the interview I heard on the radio something about no insurance so I'm guessing that if the guy they had picked up was him then was the reasons for running off.

But shit stuff like that sure makes you think and I now have new found respect for people who have to deal with that on a daily basis.
I'm telling you it's not nice and I can only imagine how bad it must when there are scenes of carnage.
At the least the guy's ok and the worst that'll happen to him is he'll get a slap on the wrists for no insurance, assuming it was him and nothing else happened.

Anyway thought I would share it as I needed to vent!