As ClanBase website reports, the top Q4 TDM team and the biggest favourite for the 13th EuroCup trophy Sweden iCE cLIMBERS have announced today that they will be going inactive due to shortage of members.

The clan's practice schedule has been suffering since the Transatlantic Showdown. D3sp doesn't seem to be interested in playing Q4 any more, Toxic wants to focus on dueling, while fox, as a fresh F-player, hardly has any time for TDM. Gopher, who is the only one member remaining, said he isn't interested in finding any replacements.

ic has been extremely successful since the early days of Q3. They have won four EuroCups and were on podium of four other. They have been pretty much unbeatable, thus their decision might cause a lot of surprises in the current competition and motivate other teams to try harder as the number one team is now out of the race.

We can only hope that they will comeback one day or another.