Since the day I posted my patches to increase the USB polling rate in Windows XP, there's been missing an official application for using them.
Saw little or no need to make one at that time, since the ones interested in using them most often knew how to work with a hexeditor.

Some time has passed since then, and it's gotten to be common knowledge for most gamers what samplerate is all about. As well, mice companies have started making use of the idea in the hardware. Using such mice at events, gives the players an advantage over their opponents not having mice capable of telling XP to increase the samplerate.

I've been in contact with CPL and discussed what features they would like to see in an USB samplerate application fitting their events. I sent a beta version of what would fit their requirements. But haven't received any feedback on it.
So I think giving it to the community right away, even if it's not the final release, will make things go faster. And at least I can receive feedback on possible problems that needs fixing asap. It's a simple interface, just showing what you need. And the most important feature, for CPL at least, is that you can change samplerate without needing a reboot.

Edit: Version 0.5. Optimized code and included a simple samplerate testing interface. It's tested on all XP builds, works 100%. Expanding the support for other platforms will be done if there's really a need for it.