About ESo:
ESReality Online is a tournament organised by the community for the community. ESReality users from all over the world help run the tournaments smoothly, ESReality.com together with Team Sportscast Network provide the coverage and the players provide all the action. Following the success of the first edition, we have decided to hold ESo2 and expand it to more games.

The first edition of the ESReality online had diffrent weekends for diffrent games and one final weekend with the last matches of all the games. The competitions in the first ESReality Online were Quake3 1v1 for Europe and America separately and European Unreal Tournament 2003 1v1. With more then 1000 specs the first ESo was a great succes. For Q3 1v1.NA it was United States of America ZeRo4 who won the final vs United States of America reebHimself_. For the European Q3 1v1 competition, the winner was Sweden fox, who beat his fellow countryman Sweden Z4muZ in the final. For the UT2k3 1v1 competition, Netherlands R0X came out victorious with France Gen right behind him.

ESo 1 Coverage

ESo2 IRC coverage will be done in #ESo on QuakeNet. Expect excessive coverage on ESReality.com as well.
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