First off, please tell us a bit about yourself (Name, location, interests, etc).
My name is Antti Tolvanen. I live in Helsinki, Finland, and I'm interested in all kinds of usual stuff like hanging out with friends and I like girls! :D
You've been playing CPMA for quite some time, do you remember the moment that people started to recognize you as one of the best?
Well to be honest not really. I never really thought about it or so. I mean that I just played and never really gave it a thought. Well I think I kinda realised it after i got to CCC finals, great tourney by the way. Maybe I realised it before that but I have a bad memory or so :o
You said you liked girls.. so what kind of women\girls do you prefer?
haha :D well I like brunettes, light brown/blue eyes. Not too short not too tall or so :O
Oh well it kinda depends on lot of stuff like what's she like etc. WELL U GOT THE POINT anyway :o
It's not like im judging girls by their looks (all lies)
What's wrong with CPMA in your opinion, and what do you like to see changed?
I think railgun is quite wrong in cpma, it's too powerful because you can get a lot of spawn/easy frags from long range and it supports defensive play. Like you shoot someone from like miles away and run away like your tail was on fire etc. Also I think that the spawn system is bit fucked up. Like you might get lots of spawn frags and the enemy would get none, when he/she has the control.. but as always it depends, it's bit a too much luck sometimes.
Do you think plasma gun should do more than 15 damage?
well yeah it might be a good thing if it did like 20dmg or so, I mean that then you would get another top-tier weapon and it might be a refreshing change, like you could spam with it! Well at least I hope so, I wouldnt see it as bad thing I guess.. but I haven't tried it with 20dmg so it's all theory. :()
back to Challenges3, who do you think will be your toughest opponent?
Hmmmm.. hard one because there are a lot of them I think. Well gradius is quite tough. I mean that he has damn good aim and nice strats and it doesnt really help me if he's pinging 30ms.. :o I mean that I need to do a lot work, that I have control, like time all the armors perfectly etc or something like that. I can also say that elpajuo is another one, especially on cpm3.
Ok so gradius is your toughest opponent, but who's your favourite opponent?
well prolly gelleh aka jellysaq. :o ..Well hes a nice dude and I like to play against him, simple as that I guess.
Apheleon isn't playing in Challenges this time, so excluding yourself ofcourse, who do you think has the most chance in winning Challenges3?
Hmm well this is a tough one. First of all I fail to see myself winning it. Fiend is looking good but I dunno if he's playing too much vq3 or something to be in the shape to win but u never know. Gradius is good as always but I don't know if he manages to keep himself calm or so which I really hope he does. Then of course there's my jelly. Who I'm hoping to win. Yeah I know I'm biased. Then of course there's the venezuelan rocket jumping elpoopoo who might take it all.
Now that we're on this road anyway, please give me your top5 prediction of Challenges3
1. gellehsak
2. FienD,
3. gradius
4. elpajuo,
5. Vo0
What's better, winning Challenges3 after some long and hard fought games, or a nice evening with friends at a pub?
Hmm.. Well I guess winning Challenges3 would kinda crown my CPMA dueling stuff as I have been playing quite a long time and it would only be positive. I guess I would pick a really successful night with friends at pub because friends are just more important to me than my hobbies or so :()
and it's not really the same if I dont get to play aph in the finals!
You came from Quakeworld, to OSP and RA3 to finally end up in CPMA. Maybe I'm the only one wondering this, but why RA3?
haha. how did you know that I played ra3? well anyway I was bored with qw and didn't really want to play anything too serious so I played osp and azazel asked me to join TFD if I remember correctly. So there I was playing ra3, shame on me.. hehe. Well theres really not a good answer for that. I just wanted to try something new really.
Is there a person that taught you how to play and \ or learned alot from?
I learned a lot of stuff from flux who is a good friend of mine back in my newbie qw days. When I started to play cpm from the first beta or so, I used to play alot of duels with xone and I think it helped us both quite much back then. Then I think that I have learned some stuff from reload's qw demos or so. I mean that his demos inspired me alot which really doesn't show in my playing I guess. :P
As many, I'm still surprised to see you do so good with 120+ ping. I've seen alot of good CPMA players try to do the same, but most have failed. Could you let us in on your secret?
cg_all_luck 1. well people should try to outplay their opponents with high ping because you can't really outaim them. for example you could try to run all the armors which would help your game a bit. Then of course I think you need a good prediction like you have to know where to spam to hit some of those shots and stuff like that. spam and pray really :P and of course getting used to the ping helps a lot.
what do you think of the ch3 organisation so far?
Well I think it's been great like usually in tourneys that DK has organized. Like own servers for it, gtv and no delays at all yet :) .. which prolly won't even happen cos dk will DQ for sure
on LAN, who would be the better player, you or Apheleon?
haha, Well I'll say aph he has amazing movement, good strats, nice aim and so on but I think the games would be close anyway but I guess you'll never know who would win:()
indeed it would be nice to play him on lan.. but I fail to see that happening at the moment.
Finally, any last words?
Thanks for the interview Septik. gl to all the people playing in Challenges 3. GO NOBLES GO. LUB U ALL ETC.!

Thanks for the taking your time to do this interview, rat!
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