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Player Configs - Global Challenge Dubai (No comments)
Posted by Badb0y @ 13:01 CDT, 23 October 2009 - iMsg
Quake Live Configs - Season IV Global Challenge Dubai 2009

noctis, fazz, l1nkje, madix, smoke, strenx, cypher, DaHanG, Cooller, fox, stermy, rapha

taken from
Edited by Badb0y at 13:02 CDT, 23 October 2009 - 16171 Hits
Opensource CPMA Q3 client: CNQ3 1.43 (11 comments)
Posted by spyteman @ 15:04 CDT, 29 September 2009 - iMsg
Reuploading CNQ3 1.43 files as the original filefront links on are down.

edit: CNQ3 1.46 Win32 available at - cheers ninemil!
Edited by spyteman at 02:45 CDT, 6 September 2010 - 19524 Hits
Avatar: ql (6 comments)
Posted by Maintenance @ 15:54 CDT, 28 August 2009 - iMsg
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cooler vs cypher ztn (2 comments)
Posted by kajebilo @ 09:49 CDT, 16 May 2009 - iMsg
cooler vs cypher asus online 3rd map
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Elpajuo vs Daler (No comments)
Posted by alan54 @ 02:32 CDT, 10 May 2009 - iMsg
PT4, QLan2
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Elpajuo vs Cooler (1 comment)
Posted by alan54 @ 02:08 CDT, 10 May 2009 - iMsg
amusing game
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Elpajuo vs CZM (7 comments)
Posted by alan54 @ 01:58 CDT, 10 May 2009 - iMsg
Amusing game
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Elpajuo vs CZM (No comments)
Posted by alan54 @ 01:35 CDT, 10 May 2009 - iMsg
CZM was defeated
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kgb can see through the ground.. (196 comments)
Posted by clan519 @ 19:16 CST, 26 February 2009 - iMsg

This is just a tiny sample of sketchy crap from kgb.. There is a ton more but I haven't had time to put together a full compilation of really questionable moments in the games.

Here is the tracking thing in real time without shownormals. Que tal?

Here is that other clip of mg lock, in real time:

My request to the q3 community.. find a single instance of any great player, from toxic to fatal1ty to strenx, of someone who does that. Ever.
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KORTIZONE (8 comments)
Posted by hotwheeler @ 00:52 CDT, 22 September 2008 - iMsg
Quake4 MP /Deathmatch/Team DM

Kortizone is a fast-paced,4 level kill-box map.
From the basement, load up on rockets and shards ,transport up to the rafters to frag from above! Then,descend down to any of the three walkways below you to annihilate your opponents.
Great cover,speed and strategic potential! With narrow passageways and open rail areas, to a massive generator providing quad damage.
Suprise 'em as you drop in from KNEE CRUSHING hights (hence the name KORTIZONE!)
-Dark Matter
-Regen and Quad
enjoy this fast and exciting DM map!
like it? hate it? tell me what you think!

mapper: *DeeP*
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Quake 3 Arena Frags Medal Wallpaper (No comments)
Posted by dddddddddddddddddddddd @ 13:37 CDT, 17 July 2008 - iMsg
I made this the other day, cause I'm freakin' sweet.

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User Profile Files: 32137 (No comments)
Posted by [dozer] @ 01:18 CDT, 20 June 2008 - iMsg
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Esreality Config Collection (47 comments)
Posted by Terifire @ 14:37 CDT, 20 March 2008 - iMsg
With eswc comming up, and the qualifiers allready being played, I came up with the idea of a config collection.

I personally watch a players demo with his own config, not to just see what he did, but what he saw when he did it, what he didnt see when he did something...

I started looking for czm, jibo and coollers config, the ones they used at CPL06, but couldnt really find all of them, wich I find a shame really, their osp configs are easy to come across, but their cpma configs...

Anyway upload your config here, as an attachement, or just post the link to the config uploaded to your profile page, if you've got one uploaded there.

Archived by alphabet.

:: A

Sweden ArrW MASTERS 2008

Poland av3k MASTERS 2008

:: B

:: C

Belarus Cypher MASTERS 2008

United States of America CZM MASTERS 2008

:: D

United Kingdom Deotrip 800*600@120hz

Netherlands Draven part 1, 2. MASTERS 2008

:: E

:: F

France Falcuma MASTERS 2008

Sweden Fojji (Fox) Part 1, 2, 3. MASTERS 2008

Sweden fooKi MASTERS 2008

:: G

Canada Griffin, HUD MASTERS 2008

:: H

:: I

:: J

Russia/China Jibo MASTERS 2008

:: K

:: L

:: M
Russia Makaveli 640*480@120hz

:: N

Austria Noctis MASTERS 2008

:: O

:: P

:: Q

:: R

United States of America Rapha MASTERS 2008

:: S

:: T

Netherlands Terifire 640*480@120hz Q3cpma 1.46

:: U

:: V

Netherlands Vo0, Deathadder mousedrivers MASTERS 2008

:: W

:: X

:: Y

:: Z

United States of America ZeRo4 MASTERS 2008
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a ut wallpaper (3 comments)
Posted by sesar @ 11:32 CST, 7 November 2005 - iMsg
hi guyz...

made this in time - pass......enjoy :)
Edited by sesar at 11:39 GMT, 5th Mar 2006 - 20638 Hits
Cooller Q3 ESWC Config (60 comments)
Posted by ReDeYe @ 05:38 CDT, 13 July 2005 - iMsg
Cooller gave me his config just before he played the final of the ESWC. He wanted to borrow my USB key to transport the config to the grand stage pc and in return agreed that I could keep the config to share with others.

So here it is, as promised :)

Cooller Config ESWC 2005 final
Edited by ESR|Nicky at 01:47 CDT, 12 June 2007 - 54840 Hits
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