these are like the most played maps atm, just press 0 in numpad to start it and then you can vote the result with numpad numers (1-6). This way you can train random maps for each game. Have fun !

// map voting
bind KP_INS "say "^1| 1.cpm1a |^2| 2.cpm22 |^3| 3.cpm3a |^4| 4.cpm15 |^5| 5.cpm24 |^6| 6.pukka3tourney2 |";callvote random 6"
bind KP_END "callvote map cpm1a"
bind KP_DOWNARROW "callvote map cpm22"
bind KP_PGDN "callvote map cpm3a"
bind KP_LEFTARROW "callvote map cpm15"
bind KP_5 "callvote map cpm24"
bind KP_RIGHTARROW "callvote map pukka3tourney2"

(c) gaiia