Renowned frag movie director, GOOCHIE, has announced the release of his second production. Five years in the making, MIDGET 2: EIN DEUTSCHER INSTAGIB FILM, the prequel to his first production, ZORG: A BELIEVER ON PLANET EARTH STRUGGLES VALIANTLY TO FIND THE "EDGE OF REALITY", and honorary sequel to MIDGET'S INSTAGIB MOVIE - BEAT SYNCHONIZATION TEST.


Programs used:
- Warxon
- Sony Vegas Pro 8
- Virtualdub
- Hypercam 2
- Kazaa

Shout outs:
- MikeJS, insect programmer
- jwzr, pardoned traitor
- danieru, diplomat to China
- igor yakovlev, retard
- msh, photosynthesis deprivation subject
- user246982, lyricist
- Warsow development team except for slk and MWAGA
- everyone who sent in demos


Also a renowned game designer, GOOCHIE has announced the release of his first game, COCAINE DIESEL, honorary prequel and sequel to the 2005 hit, WARSOW IS THE ART OF RESPECT AND SPORTSMANSHIP OVER THE WEB.

WARSOW has been overrun by new forms of hybrid life, toothless French mountain hermits, Mongolian phenobarbital addicted ollowers of the AI singularity, disadvantaged Turkish BMW enthusiasts, and chav Lithuanian conspiracy nutheads. GOOCHIE has devised an escape plan for the few remaining survivors.

With your help, the COCAINE DIESEL hooligan insects shall rise and return the light to ARENA-FIRST-PERSON SHOOTER games.