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How about making QL free again? (45 comments)
Posted by Daniel2 @ 12:21 CDT, 31 August 2016 - iMsg
More players = better.

Could be like an advertisment for upcoming Q:C??? Put ingame add for Q:C i dunno...
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Acer 27" - GN276HLbid (13 comments)
Posted by Daniel2 @ 19:31 CDT, 14 August 2016 - iMsg
Is it any good?

Cant find any reviews, its for my wife, cant be worse than the shity 60Hz she has but i fear buying a cheap stuff with totaly wrong colors. If image quality is same as BenQ XL2411T then its perfect (dont care about massive black contrast just want colors to be correct).
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Posted by Daniel2 @ 15:04 CDT, 24 June 2016 - iMsg

I would like to contact the admin/owner of The Netherrealms servers.

if anyone know who it is and or how i can contact him pls post.

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Posted by Daniel2 @ 14:53 CDT, 3 June 2016 - iMsg

I would like to contact the admin of ForceGameHosting servers if anyone know who it is.

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Best PORt TO PLAY DOOM and DOOM2 (22 comments)
Posted by Daniel2 @ 05:43 CDT, 1 June 2016 - iMsg
What is the best port to play Doom and Doom 2 with uncaped framerate, responsive mouse and high res textures (without 3D models)?

I'd like to try Heretic and Doom 64 too but that is another subject.

w: i tried Doomsday engine a few years back and it had an horrible fps cap.

Im wondering what to use, after some search i heard GZDOOM is same as ZDOOM but with additional features. Zandronum may contain a backdoor. There is so many ports...
Edited by Daniel2 at 06:03 CDT, 1 June 2016 - 3227 Hits
How to test a map in QL (5 comments)
Posted by Daniel2 @ 07:34 CDT, 28 May 2016 - iMsg

I would like to test a map (that i am in the process of making) in QuakeLive and not Wolfcam because wolfcam does not have QL movements so i can't realy be accurate on my map geometry/dynamic.

How to do it?
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Posted by Daniel2 @ 14:21 CDT, 22 May 2016 - iMsg

Is there a way to show only the selection in GTKRadiant?
Maybe there is abetter place to ask this question?


E: So far i found that i can press i to select all and then deselect what i want to keep in the view than press H to hide them. Any easier way? :P
Edited by Daniel2 at 14:24 CDT, 22 May 2016 - 1868 Hits
GHOSTING IN QL (4 comments)
Posted by Daniel2 @ 16:21 CDT, 13 May 2016 - iMsg
Interrestingly people can now ghost in QuakeLive as some already does in this totaly dead mod that once was fun, namely Trouble in Terrorist Town.

Ghosting consist of beeing in the server as a spec but not listed in the scoreboard so they are undetected. Server owners can do that and maybe other people with enough admin rights.

I don't see why on earth would the developers make this feature on purpose.

You can argue that if you have a couple of PC you could do same but you would be seen on the scoreboard at least.

So far i havn't seen anyone talking about this so here is a thread for it.

Note that i only slightly care because i play mainly FFA, but for duel and CA i can see the trouble.
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Posted by Daniel2 @ 14:07 CDT, 22 March 2016 - iMsg
Is it possible to instal and use GTKRadiant and Wolfcam on an USB device?
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Wierd bugged Quake 2 movement (10 comments)
Posted by Daniel2 @ 17:40 CDT, 19 March 2016 - iMsg
Hi all,

So i have noticed something bad about Quake 2 immediatly as i tried to play it again after so many years. The movement is bugged.

The problem : When you dotn move the mouse but only the +forward or +back key the player does not move in perfect line but rather shift slowly to one side. As if you have a strafe key pressed but not as pronouced.

I noticed this bug already when i was on Win7 and tried to play Q2 a few months ago and thought it might just be my shity PC but its the same on my new system win 10. I tried win XP too, same bug. I tried berserker Q2 and KMQ2 mod, same bug. I finaly found one thread relating the same thing :

I even tried different copies of Q2. I have the old Q2 CD, the Q2 that comes with Q4 DVD pack, and the Q2 on Steam. They both suffer the same movement bug.

I am almost sure it is a hard coded engine bug that hardly anyone noticed back in the Quake 2 era. Though there is a possibility it is due to something else.

If anyone is interrested to test and tell me if he has the same wierdness it would be nice.

And if someone has a fix that would be awesome. As i realy liked to play Q2 a lot. Maybe a mod that fixed it?

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HL2 remasterisation mods (5 comments)
Posted by Daniel2 @ 10:59 CDT, 16 March 2016 - iMsg
Which mod is the best to replay HL2 and EP1 and 2 ?

What is your opinion on cinematic mod?
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