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<FragMovie>LGWHORES2 (6 comments)
Posted by kukkii @ 22:29 CDT, 12 June 2017 - iMsg
this time an actual frag movie with soundtrack =)

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[QC] 31 Humiliations, triple gauntlet god FFA (38 comments)
Posted by kukkii @ 23:35 CDT, 13 May 2017 - iMsg

ok im done with lg.
hello gauntlet
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how to make quake FFA competitive (45 comments)
Posted by kukkii @ 14:30 CDT, 26 October 2016 - iMsg
hi, i am a quake ffa guy in NA.

I think ffa is fun.
it's easy to get in.
a lot of people still play this mod.
but since this mode is way more random than other mods, I think it is very hard to make it competitive.

but what if we don't decide the winner with 1 match?
i mean, how about letting them play 10 maps 4 or 5 min timelimit, and count the total frags to decide the winner.

so if there are 16 people, split them to 2 groups.
group A plays 10 maps in 50 min.
group B plays 10 maps in 50 min.
top 4 in group A and top 4 in group B play 10 maps in 50 min.

also if the server can disable showing nametags on enemymodels, its good coz we can avoid team plays that should not happen in competitive ffa.

maplist can be created by picking 2-3 from each categories.
small map with quad: ztn, longestyard, asylum
small map no quad: hellsgate, hearth
bigger map with quad: t7, almostlost, trinity, campground, retribution, hiddenfortress
bigger map no quad: battleforged, quarantine
imo very big maps like coldwar or dreadwerkz are boring to watch because of less actions

this can decide who is good at fights in all kind of ranges (close, mid, long) and positioning, decision making, timing etc in more complicated situations.(compared to duel and other mods)

i mean, there is no reason to make it competitive.
but it can be fun to watch because we will see a lot of frag movie quality plays from different types of players.

i think cypher will agree with this.
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kukkii last ffa before ow launch (12 comments)
Posted by kukkii @ 04:56 CDT, 23 May 2016 - iMsg

thank you for everything.
ill see you soon

battletag: kukkii#1763
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I made a guy cry (14 comments)
Posted by kukkii @ 22:47 CST, 30 December 2015 - iMsg
its been a while to see a guy like that. they are always cute )
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most lightweigt IE3 shape mouse? (43 comments)
Posted by kukkii @ 18:24 CDT, 25 October 2015 - iMsg
finalmouse finalmouse: 74g (thank you thuNDa)
CM Storm Alcor: 86g (thank you 7ep3s)
Zowie ec2evo: 93g
Cougar 300M: 95g (thank you memph1s_)
Rocatt Kone Pure Optical: 98g (thank you thuNDa)
Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0: 102g
Razer death adder: 105g
Stealseries rival: 105g (thank you thuNDa)
Logitech g402: 108g (thank you thechucker)
Hansung GTune M40: 110g (thank you kr0w)

is there anything under 85 or 80g?
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Way to be Stable with High Accel? (65 comments)
Posted by kukkii @ 13:35 CDT, 24 September 2015 - iMsg
is there any way to be stable with high accel?

the definition of high accel in this thread = 0.5+ if you use 400dpi. mine is currently around 1.0

i know accel tends to make your aim unstable, but after a few months of using accel, i can aim consistently with low-mid accel ( 0.1-0.2 at 400dpi if sensi is between 3 and 4)

the thing about high accel is, you can do everything with your wrist only. everything can be done instantly, and precisely with the combination of low sensi + high accel.
it allows you to play super aggressively and still hit most of those shots.
weirdest angle flick rail / air rocket,
keep tracking with lg for more than 360 degree,
no problem.

BUT for me, it requires a lot of hours to make me warmed up every day (to be fully warmed up, it takes around 3-4 hours every night lol, I dont think it is worth especially when i have fulltimejob.)

the followings are what I have tried so far, but none of them worked well.

1. played with the same settings for 2+ weeks. (didint work. every day it feels different. so every day it took me 3-4 hours to get warmed up)

2. highered accel value to the point that I can do everything including 720+ degree turn only with wrist. (my purpose here was, by allowing my wrist to do everything, I tried to limit how I move my mouse so It was gonna help me to be more stable. but nah)

3. every day when you start playing, make a small swing with your wrist only, and adjust the accel value to the point where that swing makes you consistently turn 180. (this was the most effective one i found so far

4. use heavier mouse (i thought heavier mouses could make it more stable than light ones. so far it has not worked.)

5. try to keep my wrist relaxed (if you move your mouse in the same way every day, that means your aim can be stable even with super high accel. i think this is the best solution for the topic. but it is hard.)

I know there is not many people that use 0.5+ or 1.0 accel.
but if you are the one,
do you have any solutions to make it stable except turning off/ lowering the accel?
or the way to hugely reduce the warm up time?
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<GUIDE>HOW TO HIT 50+-% LG (147 comments)
Posted by kukkii @ 17:40 CDT, 2 April 2015 - iMsg
hey guys, long time has passed since I wrote the guide to hit 40+ % lg.
Since then, I have been slowly improving my aim.

Today, I would like to share a few things for you,
these things are more like advanced, compared to my previous guide.
If you don't hit 40% lg on any mod, then you should first learn the basics of trace aiming and flick aiming.
check the previous guide and be able to hit 40+% lg first, then come back to here again.(it is not the only way to do it tho)

And this will be more like the collection of my ideas to help you hit more lg after 40%, than a guide.
Please share if you have something that I didin't write here.

the content is gonna be

0:How to hit 45+% LG
a. think nothink
b. learn how to troubleshoot

1: graphic settings
a. crosshair
b. enemymodel
c. impactsparks
d. lightning beam

2: mouse control
a. fingers
b. elbow
c. wrist

3: mouse settings
a. highering sensitivity
b. adding mouse accel

4: monitor distance(will write later)

A FFA game I played last night. 50% lg with 70 ping against +forward rocket guys

My previous guide: How to Hit 40+% LG

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< How to hit 45%+ LG >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

If your average LG is 40+% but not 45+% , then let me tell you a thing before we move on to the core part of this post,

Think nothink

As you already know,
there are 2 types of mouse aim.

1. flick aim
2. trace aim

all you need to do with your lg is,
1. flick aim to quickly adjust your xhair when you find the opponent on your screen
2. trace his movement
3. whenever your xhair is out of him, flick aim to quickly adjust.
4. repeat 2 and 3 until you or your opponent dies.

and to hit 45%+ lg,
your trace aim should be nearly automatically done without thinking or trying anything special (aim-wise. you still need to think about dodging, positioning, or timing etc).
I mean, when the opponent strafes, their movement speed is nearly always the same. they cannot suddenly move super fast, or slow.
So, all you need to do is just practicing alot and remember the feeling for the trace aiming that you can hit the insane amount.
of course the length that you need to move your mouse changes depends on the distance between you and your opponent. (close range, mid range, long range etc)

once you get the feeling and be able to do this,
you should be able to hit 45+% unless your flick aim is too slow.

Learn how to troubleshoot

It will be difficult for you to hit 45+% LG when you don't know how to fix your aim issues.
I would really like you to be able to do it by yourself.
and I will show you how to do it.

the steps will always be like this.
1. Find when you dont hit your shots
2. Think about and Find what makes it happen
3. Experiment and Find the solution
4. The issue gets solved and now you can hit a bit more LG than you used to.

basically that's it.
But let me show you a few examples that I actually experienced many times before, just to let you know how to do it.

Example 1:
"Damn tonight I cannot hit as much as I hit last night, wtf."
1. Find when you dont hit your shots
"ohhh it looks like it constantly skips while I trace my opponent with my mouse."
2. Think about and Find what makes it happen
"ok, what should I do to fix this problem? well, my hand is a bit shaky tonight. this can be the one which causing the pixel skips more than last night."
3. Experiment and Find the solution
"ok then, what if I lower my sensitivity? then it should allow my hand to be a bit shaky but still can trace better than now at least." or
"alright, i am gonna go back to the basics. I will practice trace aiming against bot for like 5-10 min just to remember how I should control my mouse to trace the opponent smoothly. start at timescale 0.8 then 1. After that, it should be at least better than now."
4. The issue gets solved and now you can hit a bit more LG than you used to.
"Yes, this worked. now i can trace opponents with less pixel skips. my LG acc went up from 41 to 43."

Example 2:
"ahhhh fuck, i dont know why but my lg acc is only 43%??? against these noobs on a FFA server??? wtf???"
1. Find when you dont hit your shots
"fuck you all, all you do is just rocket spams. more of +forward rocket and kill yourself plz, oh wait, i guess those rocket spam makes me fly all the time and that makes my xhair out of my opponents. and fuck yeah i didn't care about my dodging at all tonight. that's why i dont hit 47% LG"
2. Think about and Find what makes it happen
"so when their shitty rocket spam hits me i dont hit my lg. right, i tend to flick slowly even when i know i have to do it quickly. so I just need to make a flick shot to quickly adjust my xhair on this noob again"
3. Experiment and Find the solution
"ok ill just focus on flick now, once my xhair is on him i just automatically trace everything coz this noob cant even dodge" or
"ok let me practice against bot at timescale 1.4 so it requires me to keep making flick shots since they move too fast to trace. ill come back to this noob 5 min later and make him cry"
4. The issue gets solved and now you can hit a bit more LG than you used to.
"problem is solved and now 50% lg, hahahaha, cry noooooooob"

something like these.
Actually both of these 2 examples happened to me A LOT.

By following these 4 steps, you can solve your aim issue one by one.
For some issues, step #3 is hard sometimes.
But think logically, and be creative to come up with ideas, and dont be afraid to do it.

I actually have 1 issue which is, there are always the moments that I dont hit my lg when my opponent changes his strafe directions.
I still cannot find the perfect solution to solve this issue, but i have been looking for it.
if i can solve this, i guess average 60+% LG is possible.

k, now lets move on to how to hit 50+% LG part.
Everything after this part will be basically the ideas that I have found to solve my aim issues.
So it will not be like a step by step guide,
but more like the collection of the ideas to fix your aim issues.

so first, learn how to troubleshoot your own issues by yourself,
then check the followings to let me support it.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< graphic settings >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Now let's talk about some commands for the graphic settings.

Something with a dot or + with circle, or something like ( ) is good for both of trace aim and flick aim.
For example, cg_drawcrosshair 1, 4,5,7,10,
My logical reason for this is,
small dot or + :for trace aim. keep it on the center of your opponent
circle or () :for flick aim. it makes you easier to quickly adjust it on your opponent whenever it is out.
something like xhair 14, 16, 18 will work if the cg_crosshairsize is small even they dont have a dot in the center.

with value 2, you can have the color for trace aiming, and another color for flick aiming.
by having this your brain notices when to trace and when to flick more easily without thinking anything.
I copied this from Cypher and it has been working well for long time.

if you want a black xhair, set this value as 0.

cg_forceenemymodel tankjr/bright
if you can keep your xhair on the center of tankjr's body, logically it is better than keel.
It is because tankjr is bigger than keel, so you can see him a bit faster than keel in corners for additional chances for rails.
but keel is brighter than tankjr.

cg_palyerlean 1
personally I found him to lean makes it easier to keep tracing the opponent because it tells you when he is gonna change the direction so you can prepare a lil bit faster than having its value 0.
Tankjr leans more than keel.

cg_forceenemymodel keel/bright + r_lodbias 2
personally I use this with lean 1.
for me it is easier to trace with keel than tankjr.
and with r_lodbias 2, keel becomes even smaller.
It allows me to still hit even my xhair is a bit off, and hit a bit more especially when he changes his strafe direction.
With this seetings I feel like I hit everything as long as I keep my xhair on any part of his body.

cg_impactsparks 1

this enables the impactsparks.
it is the spark when you hit your shots.
and you can adjust the size, lifetime, and velocity by following commands

0 = stays
positive values = sparks goes up
negative values = sparks goes down

bigger = easier to see
smaller = harder to see

longer = easier to see
shorter = harder to see

I use impactsparks to emphasize the opponent's position.
with impactsparks, it is easier to trace your opponent since the enemymodel + impactsparks let you know where he is.
so I use velocity 0 coz other values are logically against the reason to use it for me.
bigger size and longer lifetime make your trace aim great when your opponent keeps strafing to 1 direction,
but can disturb your aim when he makes small strafes.

first I started with big size and long lifetime, but now it is just a small and short spark just to help me catch the oppponent's move a bit easier than without no sparks.
something like size 10 lifetime 20 is perfect for me so far

lightning beam
logically, thin and transparent one is the best to catch opponent's any kind of movement.
4 is the thinnest one and 5 is the most transparent one.

cg_gunx cg_guny cg_gunz
to make it even mroe thinner,
x -7
y 2
z -8

x -10
y -10
z -8
for the thinnest. but beam will come from the right side of your screen.

To be honest 1 is good for me.
something around 0.8 or 0.9 did not make any big change to me.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< mouse control >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

there are a few thing that I found to make myself hit a bit more with mouse control.

if you put your fingers (usually the third and pinky one)on the mousepad, it sometimes causes the pixel skips when you move your mouse because your fingers make your mouse stops.

so for the trace aim, you dont want to put them on the mousepad.
for flick aim, it depends on you but it is better o be able to do it without putting fingers.
lg aim requires you to quickly switch between trace and flick aim.

for the small distance flick aiming,
you can use your wrist,

you also can use your elbow.
it is actually as quick and precise as doing by wrist.

for lg aim, it actually helps your brain to understand what to do more quickly than using wrist only.
it is gonna be like
trace = wrist (and arm)
flick = elbow

will help you especially the flick distance is short.
try it if you haven't and see if you like it or not.

when you become able to keep your wrist relaxed, you will find the dramatic improvement for your mouse control.
your wrist will be ready for a lot more when it is relaxed,
for something like complicated dodging (either yours or your opponents), or unexpected attack.
your trace aim range will be wider also.

it was kinda hard for me to do it, but here is something you can do.

1. pull your thumb finger
2. stretch your wrist
3. draw circle or something like that with your wrist
4. imagine your wrist is made by water or something

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< mouse settings >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I know some of you have experienced something like this.
after becoming able to hit 50+-% lg with low-mid sensitivity,
you find some situations that you cannot trace opponent's movement well enough.
For example, like in close range fight, your opponent aggresively rushes you with rockets.
You have to strafe or jump a lot to dodge them, while you trace all of his movements.
It is a bit hard to do it with low-mid sensitivity.
(well you still can do it, but a lot of people should find it uncomfortable.)

So I had 2 options to choose to solve this issue.

1. Higher my sensitivity to the point that allows me to make 180 degree turn easily then start trace/flick aiming.
2. Add mouse Accel

Highering sensitivity
As I mentioned at the last part of the previous guide,
High sensi is superior than low sensi as long as you can trace every kind of opponent's movement because of

1. Wider Trace Range
2. Faster Flick Shots

About 1 or 2 months ago, my sensitivity was 2.7 with WMO(400 dpi), so it was about 38.3cm/360.
After that, I highered my sensitivity to 3.0 (34,6cm), then 3.3(31,6cm).
Amazingly, With sensitivity 3.3, I could still hit around 50+-% lg on FFA servers, and even on Duel servers(when I did not spam alot).

but 3.3 with 400 dpi was still not enough for me against super aggresive guys.(Yes Davis, you made me decided to change myself)
So I increasing more and more, and found I could not trace small quick strafe movements as much as I could with low-mid sentivity.
(I know some of you can still do it!)

So, solution#1:
Higher sensitivity.
You will still be able to hit as much as you do with low-mid sensi, with at least something around 30cm/360.
If you can control the high sensitivty which allows you to turn 180 quickly and immediately start making trace aim in close range fight with no stress, this should be the best solution.
But in general, highering sensitivity too much makes you to trace small quick movement harder than lower sensitivity.

Adding Mouse Accel
And, I added the mouse accel.

In the previous guide, I recommended to turn off the accel.
It was just because accel required you to control not only the proper trace and flick aiming skill,
but also the skill to control the speed to move your mouse.

But what if you can also control the speed properly?
Then what is gonna happen is this.

1. You can have the base sensitivity that is easy enough to trace small and quick strafes
2. You also can have the wider trace range against aggresive and acrobatic movement in close range fights. (or you can be the one to make those acrobatic movement, while you hit everything)
3. You can make super quick flick shots
4. Additionally, your movement in general will be faster.

So, if you can perfectly control the accel after you got the basic trace and flick aiming skills,
it basically means you become the god(at the damage dealing department).

As I tested the mouseaccel for a few days,
To be honest I feel it is actually hard to control it.
It is like a girl.
If you can control it well, it is insanely good, you feel like you are always ready for any kind of situations.
If you cant control it, it is terrible, super unstable and you even miss the easiest shot in the world.

But you know, I just added it a few days ago and started learning it.
I will stick to the accel for a while and let you know my conclusion later.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< comment >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

you actually can hit average 50+-% lg without mouse accel.
but I feel like I should be able to hit average 55% or 60% if I master the accel.
or at least it allows me to find more situations to hit 50% lg than having no accel.
I expect it to take a bit long tho.
since I just started using it a few days ago, my aim is actually still unstable and have a lot of problems that I did not have when i had no accel.
but i am still excited and hoping it is going to be amazing.

please let me know if you have good ideas that are not written here to help us improve our games.

A FFA game I played last night. 50% lg with 70 ping against +forward rocket guys

My previous guide: How to Hit 40+% LG
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need some duel tips (60 comments)
Posted by kukkii @ 02:22 CDT, 15 October 2014 - iMsg
hi decent duelers,

i have been improving my aim slowly for these months/years, and a lot of times it's better than my opponent.
so now i want to improve my duel strategy.
recently my elo is between shitty 1650-1850.
i played 2050 elo guy on ztn last night.

can you guys give me some basic tips to make my games closer against 2000 elo players?

here is a sample of my game against 2000 elo dueler

and here's what i was thinking
0:00 i spawned with rl, he spawned with mega, so i decided to chase him until he dies even if i kill him after his red

0:20 omg moment. i didnt have any idea other than hoping my rocket hits.

0:27 i spawned with lg. i knew he was low so decided to go out and finish him then get mega, and red to get control

0:38 he missed his rj, so i deciided to do max dmg before he goes through tele, then im gonna get mega while i make sure he doesnt steal red

0:43 i killed him so im gonna get mega then red. but for unknow reason after i got mega, i ididiint go to red. big mistake 1.

1:09 i am at gl he is at rg. i did not time items so i dont know which of red or mega will spawn first.

1:28 idk why i didint go to red after mega, and idk why i started playinig defensiively.

1:43 my rl was shitty so he killed me. rl spawn. im gonna do some dmg at red coz he is low.

1:55 but he killed me again. again rl spawn. this timie im gonna get him at mega. he didint show up so ii got mega. he is probably in pg room. im gonna get lg. i heard him at red. so i am gonna play safely to collect armors then capitalize his mistake to get control back.

2:37 so he got red and mega. but i have 150 100. i thought stack difference was about 100. my lg is not bad so i tried to make him rush then finish him with my lg. but his rl got me again.

2:47 he is in pg room then will be at red. so im gonna get rl and lg then play defensiively again

3:02 he is at mega. iim gonna keep throwing nades until i hear the hitbeep sound whiich means its the time he gets mega. if he rjs, then im gonna pin with lg. but he went to tele so im gonna wait to hear what he is gonna do.

3:15 he rushed me so i droppped down and got mega. but i took 1 rail which made me think about playiinig defensiively again. but i decided to do dmg at red wiiith my lg then quiickly get one of YAs but he hit another rail. now all i am tryiinig to do is surviving and get stacked

3:30 i had a feeliing that he was waiting for me to go through tele so i waited for him to come, then run through tele.

3:42 i just hit some ddefensive rockets. he died, but im low. so i am gonna play carefully until i get some health and armors. i ithiink i should have attacked hiim when he rushed me with pg.

4:10 i thought he rj'ed to red when i iheard his footstep. i shot rl to red and realiized he didn't. i didint want to get caught at mega so run.

4:14 i was gonna hide behind tele exit to hit 100% lg but he telefraged me lol. lg spawn. i was gonna try to play dddefensively again to get some armors but he chased me at rl. it was a chance to do good dmg at stairs so i did maxiimum dmg and died, then i am gonna steal one of the major items, or frag him

4:39 ok ii got mega, im gonna catch himi and kill him now,.

5:05 i kiiilled hiim but my lg was shit. im gonna get red and 2 25 bubbles. but not sure about mega.

5:20 he got mega so im gonna try to get health and armors defensively, but he killed me at stairs again.i expect him to jump down but didnt expect him to rush with lg.

5:50 again i will try to get health, armor defensively while trying to find some damage safely

6:35 even i did good dmg, i am low + dont know mega or red time. im gonna keep playing defensively while trying to make him misthink where i am.

7:50 luckily mega spawnedd but i was focusing too much about his red piickupp sound so didnt realize mega spawned.

after 8:00 rest of the game is basically the same defensive play

1 thing i know about myself is, i tend to be too defensive and cannot show up to do dmg at major items. that allows my opponent to keep being in control whiile i dont know even times for major items. when they dont catch me til i get 100 200, i can frag them when they rush. but otherwise i dont usually make good comeback against them.

do i respect them too much?
i feel like i need to find some damages while i collect health and armors.
should i take some risks and go out to do damages?

thanks for your advises.
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Re: What would be your ideal FPS game na (2 comments)
Posted by kukkii @ 23:43 CDT, 11 October 2014 - iMsg
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Physical / Mental setup before games? (35 comments)
Posted by kukkii @ 14:47 CDT, 10 October 2014 - iMsg
I recently found that stretching my wrist and neck a lot for relaxed mind and flexible mouse control really changes my moves and aim.

Do you have things to setup your proper physical / mental condition before / during games?
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bots make shitty moves now (19 comments)
Posted by kukkii @ 01:52 CDT, 30 August 2014 - iMsg
after the update, bots tent to make super long strafe.
before the update, "bot_thinktime 0" made them to make small strafes and it was good for practicing some hitscan weappons.
now it's so shitty and completely useless.
I have tried some models but all of them do the same.

Do you guys happen to know how to fix this issue?
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<Guide>how to hit 40+% LG (288 comments)
Posted by kukkii @ 01:50 CDT, 7 August 2014 - iMsg
okay, recently some ppl seriously started thinking that I was using lg hax and even reported to id.

I usually hit 40-50% on FFA servers against ppl who doesnt dodge, and 40% on duel servers including some spams.
I know I am not the best at all still can improve my lg (I am actually trying to ),
but I would like to share how I have improved mine because I am pretty sure almost anyone should be able to hit that kind of amount at least if they practice and learn the proper way to aim.

I also know there are many ppl that hit even harder lg than mine with completely different settings.
This is just one of many ways to do it but will help a lot 100% if your average lg % is anything below 40.

btw im from japan and not a native english speaker so sry about some incorrect grammer/words.

the most recent streaming of bot prac. 75% lg, 20 min of shooting

1v1 lg duel on eye2eye against decent aimer youmustmike

the ffa prac method that i stated in chapter4, 50+-% lg each game, total 4 games are included(bloodrun, toxicity, aerowalk, phrantic)

the bot prac method that i stated in chapter3

0 Setup
This guide's goal is hitting 70% lg against bots in practice mode, and 40-50% lg against ppl on FFA servers.
So here are 2 ways I have been using for warmup/ practice.

1. against bots (ur main practice method)
i know u say u can hit 100 percent lg against them easily coz they keep jumping and dont dodge.
calm down and just type the following commands.

/devmap thunderstruck (to enable cheat mode)
/god (you dont die)
/g_infiniteammo 1 (infinite ammo)
/bot_thinktime 0 (this makes bots not jumping alot, but strafe more quickly to make it harder to hit. it is actually hardder than a noob who doesn't dodge)
/bot_challenge 1 (this makes bots a bit more challenging, but to be honest i dont see the difference)
/g_startinghealth 999 (bots spawn with 999 health)
/g_startingarmor 999 (bots spawn with 999 armor)

then add 1 nightmare bones

+, you want to start using /timescale command to change the game speed to learn how to aim properly.
But forget about this for now, ill talk about it later.

2. against ppl on FFA servers
it is always good to practice against real ppl.
i will talk about the detail later.

1 Practice strafe aim
First, you must know there are 2 ways of aiming.
Mouse aim and Strafe aim.
This guide will talk mostly about mouse aim since it is the must skill to hit some nice amount of lg.
But lemme talk about strafe aim shortly since it helps u alot later when u want to adjust/ cover some hard situations for mouse aim.

Here is how you strafe aim.
1. put ur xhair on ur opponent.
2. strafe to the same direction he moves and hit 100% lg until ur opponent changes his direction.

That's it.
It's a good way to learn how lg can be a strong weapon when u hit alot.
Also this method is way easier than mouse aim.

then why do u want to learn mouse aim?

1. you have to put ur xhair on ur opponent again everytime he changes his strafe direction
2. it is hard to change ur strafe direction when ur opponent changes his quickly.
3. if ur opponent also knows how to strafe aim and has more stack than u, u lose even u hit some insane lg.
4. it is super easy to counter ppl who only knows how to strafe aim but not mouse aim. Mouse aimers can just strafe to the opposite direction and still hit insane amount of lg. Its just easy for them to hit 50% while u hit 10%.

So after you become able to hit 40 or 50% lg against bots with strafe aim,
it is time to start learning how to mouse aim. here we go.

2 Turn off your accel
you can skip this chapter if u want.

I believe this is a personal preference thing.
But u will learn how to control ur mouse faster with no accel just because it is always the same amount of the mouse move when u want to move ur xhair from Point A to Point B. it is not affected by how fast u swing ur mouse. = stable

Accel can be amazing if u can completely control ur mouse move speed to move ur mouse to any points where u exactly want to put ur xhair on smoothly or quickly.
Otherwise it is not cool because it is unstable, and u will become able to move ur mouse quickly enough even with super low sensitivity once u get familiar with it.

anyway it's up to you.

3 Lower your sensitivity
When I started practicing my lg, my sensitivity was 5 with mouseaccel 2.0(i know, its lol), dpi 450 ( 18.5cm/360 with 2.0 accel).
First I turned off my accel and higherd my sensitivity to cover the accel.
Then I slowly lowered my sensitivity until 0.6 with 800 dpi( 85.7cm/360).

Here is why you want to lower the sensitivity.

It is easier to trace ur opponent with lower sensitivity.
With high sensitivity, ur mouse skips when u move it (especially when u move it quickly, or even with ur mousepad's friction)
if u want to hit good amount of lg, u dont want to skip any pixels while u trace.
Lowering sensitivity will help u to learn how to do trace aim properly much easier than higher sensitivity.

low sensitivity = less amount of pixel skips = easier to learn the proper way to trace

This is how u lower ur sensitivity

1. start a map with those commands that I explained in chapter 0.
2. type /timescale 0.8 in console.
3. Now the gamespeed is much slower than the normal speed.
5. u should be able to hit more, restart the map and do it again.
6. now /timescale 0.9 and do step 4-5
7. /timescale 1 and do step 4-5
8. timescale 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, then finally timescale 1.4

/timescale 0.8 to learn how to control ur mouse without any skips and trace opponent's move properly. (Trace Aim)
you may think it is too easy but if u cant hit well with timescale 0.8, u will hit worse in timescale 1. plz hit at least 80% with this timescale.
try not to miss any moves that bots make.

/timescale 1.4 to learn how to adjust ur mouse as quickly as possible when ur opponent changes his strafe direction or when ur xhair is out of ur opponent. (Flick Aim)
once u get familiar with this speed, u will still be able to hit some nice lg (at least over 40%).
This practice also help u feel everything is fucking slow when u go back to normal games. so u will have more space to adjust ur xhair position, or to think something else like timing/positioning.

Did u realize how often u skipped pixels when u moved ur mouse?
This is why ur lg is shitty.
There is a way to fix it without lowering the sensitivity, but for now, JUST lower it.

when u lower ur sensitivity, do it by 0.2
if u lower it too much at one time, u will fail coz I know u will start thinking it is too slow and low sensitivity is not for u, and go back to ur high sensitivity.
do it slowly man.
once u get familiar with ur new sensitivity (depends on ppl but will take 1 day to 1 week, just dont hurry),
then lower it by 0.2 again.

The question is, when is the time to stop lowering ur sensitivity.
For me, it was sensi 0.6 with 800dpi. (85.7cm/360)
But it depends on u.

The important thing is not how low ur sensi is, but
1. hitting without any pixel skips.
Keep lowering it until u dont see any skips that are caused by ur mouse move.
2. if u cannot follow when ur opponent is right in front of u and make big strafes, it might be too low.
You may want to higher it a little bit.
But, u will get familiar with it and become able to hit with no problems when u stick with it.

+ idk if it is just me, but lower sensi makes me feel opponent's moves slower than higher sensi.
It also helped me to hit more.

lg aim is all about
1. how much u can trace perfectly
2. and how fast u can put ur xhair back onto ur opponent when it is out

u just need to maximize these 2 skills as high level as possible u can.

If u keep lowering ur sensi and reached the point, don't stop to practice against bots, and hit at least 60% average after finishing 20-50 bots with timescale 1.( I hit 68-70% in these days)

Dont forget not to use ur keyboard at all.
you are practicing this method to improve ur mouse aim to hit insane lg while dodging every shit ur opponents make.

4 Focus on dodging while hitting insane amount of lg
once u become able to hit good amount of lg, go to FFA servers to test ur skill.

The focus is,
1. Dodge everything
2. and Hit ur every lg cell against everyone
at the same time.

Even if u hit 85 percent lg, 100 percent rl wins.(dps-wise)
u have to do both of hitting and dodging at the same time.
and this is the thing that strafe aimers cannot do.
strafe aimers strafe to eat direct rockets and die before they hit enough amount of lg.

A lot of ppl on FFA servers doesn't dodge(they do long strafes), or does have simple/predictable dodging.
u should be able to hit at least around 40%.
At this point some noobs start calling u a cheater(as usual =p ).
Currently i usually hit around 45-50+.
At this point some 1500 elo dulers start reporting u to id for hax.
when u take those words, dont forget to translate them into the proper language.
all of them are basically saying "Damn u r amazing".
type "thank you" with smiles and focus on improving ur aim/dodging.

Some ppl's dodging is really good and u will find situations u cannot hit well against them, but keep practicing.
As long as u understood and got the proper way to aim, u will be able to hit well against them in the future.

when u become good at this, even against rl in close range fights in corners on dm13, u can still win them with lower health/armor disadvantage. (need luck sometimes tho)

when u play on servers where ur ping is over 60 or 70, u might want to type /cl_timenudge -20 in console.
it basically predicts opponent's move from snapshots and physics.
so when it predict in a wrong way, u dont hit even ur xhair is on ur opponent.
but in general it has been helping my 75+ ping a lot to still manage to hit 40+ lg.

5 Higher your sensitivity
In the end, higher sensitivity is better as long as u can control ur mouse smoothly enough with no skips because of

1. faster flick aim
2. wider trace aim range

personally highering sensitivity took a bit longer to get familiar than lowering it.
But again do it slowly and do not over-higher it or ur aim will be unstable again.

my current settings are
sensiitivity 2.8, no accel, m_yaw&m_pitch 0.022 with
wmo (400dpi) + zowie g-tf rough

i just changed to this very recently from sensi 3 with abyssus + some mousepads experiment.
I had been playing with exact same settings of yz50(u know who he is).
i had been using his cfg, hud, xhair, mouse, mousepad for long time when i tried to higher my sensi.
i was like "if someone can hit insane lg with this exact same settings, i should be able to do it too".
it helped me a lot, and that was about when ppl started saying good things about my aim.

i just found sensi 3 with 450dpi was a bit hard for me not to skip when i traced.
now i feel greater than ever with my current settings, and will hopefully improve more in the future.
6 Try different mouses and mousepads
I have tried some mouses/mousepads.

Mouse: wmo/ abyssus/ kana/ fk/ ec2evo/ deathadder/ salmosa asian edition/ mico/
Mousepads: qck+/ qck heavy/ goliathus speed, control/ G-TF speed, rough/ allsop raindrop/ a glasspad(I ordered a big piece of glass and sprayed back side with black)

Currently my setting is wmo + zowie G-TF rough because I found myself prefer smooth glide with less (but a bit of) friction.

everybody should have their own favorite glide/ shape/ size/ etc.
Get a job and try something u haven't tried yet.
they might be a lot more comfortable than ur current gears.

Ending/ videos
I am now 30 or 31.
age doesnt matter, or at least u can get better lg than a lot of quakers' out there.( not including pros and some crazy ppl lol)
to be honest i believe everybody can hit at least 40% lg if they learn the proper way to aim.
When I tried to improve my aim, I had googled for hours and hours to find any guides, methods, or pro's videos.
I guess i have spent more than 100 or 200 hours easily for the bot practice that Ive explained eariler with any kind of sensitivity/ accel/ gear setup/ config/ health and mind condition.

just keep doing.
at some point, u will be able to find the actual reasons why u dont hit, or why u can improve more, by not asking ppl but by urself.
once u reach that point, change whatever u want to solve those problems even they are something against what i have writen here.
u should be fine enough to make proper decisions.

gl man thanks for spending ur time for reading.
I might edit a bit later. not sure yet.

the most recent streaming of bot prac. 75% lg, 20 min of shooting

1v1 lg duel on eye2eye against decent aimer youmustmike

the ffa prac method that i stated in chapter4, 50+-% lg each game, total 4 games are included(bloodrun, toxicity, aerowalk, phrantic)

the bot prac method that i stated in chapter3

for those who still think i am cheating and asking me to upload demos:

demos from 05/05/2014 to 08/07/2014

demos from 02/02/2014 to 05/05/2014

(be careful, total more than 8GB that includes every games I have played on this PC. for some reason some noobs asked me for these coz they thiink i hax lol. use these demos for whatever u want. i have nothing to hide.)

u will see it was actually not happened all of the sudden or in 1 month, i have been spending many hours and months to achieve it.
those demos also includes games that i get raped really hard by insane duelers, and also the games i made some ppl ragequited. every games i played in between those dates.

i hate cheaters so i can kinda understand how u feel.
but i am just not one of them man.
all u need to do is practicing in a proper way and keep improving.

guides & information that helped me back in the days when i used to have 25% lg average

Thread: LG/AIM/MOVEMENT - giving back or craving attention? Who cares. by Isabadmutha

Thread: LG tutorial progress. by cat

(check comment #117 for how the cl_timenudge cmd exactly does)

Sensitivity Calculater
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