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Mouse sensitivity btw games / converter (No comments)
Posted by Samuel_Davy @ 20:22 CST, 15 February 2014 - iMsg
I'm sure some will find it useful so here it is :
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Posted by Samuel_Davy @ 00:59 CST, 19 December 2013 - iMsg
Hi ESReality,

Samuel Davy here, i drew up a small .txt text about some problems encounetered since the standalone update. I thought i would share it with you people. I made some rearanging of the pretiness of this text with some explainations and screenshots, so here we go (note that i don't have any particular knowledge in programming or game design so i only wrote about the phenomenons and not what causes it in the game engine or w/e) :

1) The game physic/movements have been modified, maybe it was not intentionnal but the result is : plasma jumps are harder and plasma jumps height is broken. And that, no mater what the com_maxFPS and com_idleSleep values are. Even 125 fps movements are affected. Here is a small screenshot exemple of 2 plasma jumps that are now broken :,mhsN80N

Jump 1 : famous plasma jump in TDM, it allows player to go from bridge stairs to rail spot with only 1 plasma jump and without any jumps before, just by doing a circle acceleration close to the angle toward the rail spot.

Jump 2 : with 1 vertical plasma ball jump you are able to go to the small ledge.

I asked some people to test if it was only me, it is not only me everyone is affected it seems. Both thoose jumps are impossible with 1 plasma ball now. Dunno if it was already a reported bug or if it was intentionnal, if so then excuse me.

2) Other framerate problems. Tested with com_idleSleep 0. I have a very powerful computer, some of my other games are runing at very high framerate without any trouble. But in QL Standalone, framerate fluctuation with high framerate 160-200 makes input unresponsive and the game feel like runing at 40 FPS. Some com_maxFPS values are unresponsive and framerate feel much slower than what the com_maxFPS value reports. I noticed on the maps where com_maxFPS 250 is stable there is much less problems. But on some maps like Wintersedge if you look at the Christmas tree in some directions the framerate drops from 250 to 160 and ingame it feels more like 30-40 fps while com_maxfps still reports high framerate (over 160). 125 fps and 126 fps also feel wrong. It is to be noted that from what i understood QL engine uses round numbers to calculate framerate cap. And divid it by 1000. So 1000/8=125 1000/7=143 1000/6=166 1000/5=200 1000/4=250, that seems to be the reason why some people found 143 167 and 200 fps to be the most reliable as of now.

3) footsteps sound. If you increase framerate cap by 1 frame the footsteps sound will be modified, the more you increase the framerate cap the more the sound will be modified. until you reach 250 and only hear 1/3 of the footsteps sounds.

4) kicked for invalid name. If i exec my cfg i get an error message "Your ingame name must match your account name". I then get kicked at the end of the match, and the server open up a small text window with error message " Server Disconnected - was kicked for invalid name" and in the error.txt file i read UnnamedPlayer Server Disconnected - was kicked for invalid name.

I tried to use "/seta name accountname" in cfg but it didn't fixed it. i tried to delet the "/seta name accountname" cvar from my cfg and deleted repconfig and qzconfig. Nothing fixed it so far.

5) Scoreboard. When i exec my cfg midgame the scorebaord reset my stats and only my stats. From what i understood other players also see that my stats gets reseted but their stats remains untouched.

I hope this somewhat will be a good contribution as i was part of the closed beta testers and never made any bug reports because of an immense lazyness.

Post scriptium : i am available to make further tests ( will try to fight that lazyness of mein).
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