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Jumping around (DIABOTICAL) (3 comments)
Posted by Smilecythe @ 23:42 BST, 31 March 2020 - iMsg

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Rating: 8 (2 votes)

Nothing spectacular, just jumping around. These are some of the tricks me and Hardyrah have been grinding throughout the weekends. Some of these tricks might not be possible in the future, due to changes to map geometry, prop collision or movement physics.

Thanks to Mazu for once again helping with team jumps and Dodger for joining in as well.

Malcos: Misdirection (DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 2 remix)
Paul Hadame: Dawn of the Instinct (Killer Instinct remix)

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XELESTIAL: A Xonotic Frag Movie (6 comments)
Posted by Smilecythe @ 16:58 GMT, 25 December 2019 - iMsg

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Rating: 8.4 (6 votes)

A movie that has been in the works and delayed endlessly for a little over two years now. Here we finally go, merry Christmas!


Download (higher quality):
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Jumping around (QUAKE CHAMPIONS) Vol. 2 (3 comments)
Posted by Smilecythe @ 20:33 BST, 18 August 2018 - iMsg

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Rating: 7 (6 votes)

I've been collecting these tricks for a little over a year now. Some of them may be already impossible due to patch changes, some may turn out to be impossible later on or maybe they will get easier instead, who knows!

Jack of Bass feat. Maciej Markiewicz - Dreams of Steel
RTPN - Hippi

Special thanks to Mazu Finland for spending time with the tricks and helping out with freecam footage.
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RR_Smile3 (segmented walkthrough) (8 comments)
Posted by Smilecythe @ 14:01 GMT, 3 November 2017 - iMsg

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Rating: 6.7 (10 votes)

A walkthrough of my latest race map in Reflex.

Song: Diatek - Out Of Time
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Jumping around (CPMA) (6 comments)
Posted by Smilecythe @ 03:41 BST, 25 July 2017 - iMsg

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Rating: 7.4 (6 votes)

This video is part of my Jumping around series, check the playlist here.

The dates I recorded these tricks spans out from 2014 to present day. Some have been made videos of before, some are unique and some just plain fillers. If you have questions about the tricks, throw them and I'll explain as well as I can.

Did you enjoy the team tricks in particular? Or are they terminally boring? Let me know and I'll keep trying new things.


Storm2D OST: zait parallax 07

Dunno what the one at the end is or where I got it.
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Jumping around (QUAKE CHAMPIONS) (11 comments)
Posted by Smilecythe @ 17:04 BST, 18 June 2017 - iMsg

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Rating: 9.5 (14 votes)

Just a couple trickjumps, some which are easy and some hard. Some which may come in handy in real gameplay and some which are more arbitrary. I'm using Nyx and Visor primarily, because I couldn't think of many interesting things to do with the other champions.

If you have any movement related question, ask away. I can give rough observation/feel based answers, that might turn out to be false.


Quake 1 Scourge of Armageddon - Music #3
Quake 2 OST - Climb (Jer Sypult)

Special thanks to Mazu for sticking around!
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Jumping around (QUAKE LIVE) (43 comments)
Posted by Smilecythe @ 04:13 BST, 19 April 2017 - iMsg

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Rating: 8.7 (18 votes)
I decided to deploy my autism and hunt for some tricks still in 2017. There's a mix of original tricks with improvised classics, as well as abusing autohop at 3:21 forwards. I wouldn't call this a freestyle movie, since the tricks aren't really that arbitrary or out of the realm of regular gameplay and are for the most part quite HP-control friendly.

This is part of my Jumping around series, consisting of various games. Check the playlist over here.

Song: Ray Otaki - Blood Pool
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F*CKMEGEDDON: A Xonotic Frag Movie (7 comments)
Posted by Smilecythe @ 05:39 BST, 16 May 2016 - iMsg

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Rating: 7.4 (15 votes)

F*CKMEGEDDON is a 15min long Xonotic slideshow content of frags that I've been collecting ever since I started playing about six years ago. Some clips are old, some are new and some I can't even remember. I've got footage from various tournaments as well as public/pickup matches, featuring game modes such as Duel, DM, TDM, CTF, Vehicle CTF, Instagib and some weird modifications in between - against various opponents chosen indiscriminately by skill or reputation, rather by the coolness of the frag like in the old times. The result is a disorienting chaos filled with randomly modded announcer sounds and gun models determined by the server I was playing in. A ton of airshots, killing sprees, spawn killing, vortex whoring, mortar ricochets, curve rockets, flickshots and in general buttloads of Xonotic exclusive gimmicks. Little bit of everything! What can I say? I love this game and every (most) part of it.

This is an old movie project that's been collecting dust for a while. Quality is a bit below the standard and the fps is only at 30. This is because when I started this project I intended it as a youtube only release and back then standards weren't as high, let alone you couldn't even upload at 60fps yet. I promise my future videos will be at a solid 60fps and a decent resolution, assuming the game (that I'm working with) has avidemo features or that my toaster can handle fraps/bandicunt/camtasia/whatever type of recording that would be necessary due the absence of it.

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RA jumps on Aerowalk (in 18 games) (21 comments)
Posted by Smilecythe @ 12:18 GMT, 8 January 2016 - iMsg
I've posted some Aerowalk videos here on various threads recently, QL, CPM, QW etc..and there's a reason for that. I've been cooking up a mini series about RA jumps on Aerowalk in different games. Basically, I've gone through every game that I could think of or find, that has 1. a port/remake of Aerowalk 2. challenging/different enough movement 3. preferably players that play it enough to appreciate the video. 4. If nobody plays it then fuck you, I'll do it for the sake of doing it anyway. Why did I do this? For personal fun, I'm enthusiastic about movement tricks and because I'm bored. Also, since Aerowalk is pretty much everywhere the RA jump is a good place for reference, everyone knows Aerowalk and everyone knows what's up. It's a place if any to show what a game can do in a familiar land.


Sit back and enjoy the playlist and if you're curious about just one game in particular, you can skip right to it and ignore the rest.

I apologize in advance about the wonkyness of Q4 and D3 videos, when it comes to avidemo features, iD tech 4 is a fucking disaster.

I'm always up for challenges and suggestions, as well as adding new videos of future games with future ports of Aerowalk. :))) Also, if someone could, please do a remake of Aerowalk in Painkiller, that would be very tits.
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Circle jumping with forward key only? (44 comments)
Posted by Smilecythe @ 07:59 GMT, 13 December 2015 - iMsg

Every circle jump tutorial that I've seen shows you that you have to press up and strafe key (depending which side you're turning). This is not actually true. It doesn't matter which keys you are pressing as long as you get the curve right. This put me thinking how many people actually know what circle jumping is and how many people have been restricting their flexibility with circle jumps throughout the years that Quake 3/Live's been out.

Hear me out, it's true that while pressing up+strafe keys it makes it easier to continue with air acceleration, because your fingers are on the right keys and the mouse angle is correct the instant you jump off the ground. You instantly transfer from circle jump to strafe jumping and we all know strafe jumping is the best way to gain speed. Which is why I think "up+strafes" is the most preferred technique for circle jumping. However there's also half-beat technique which uses only a single strafe key. As well as whatever that technique at 0:21 is called, apparently you can accelerate that way too. Do we have a name for it?

I might be biased since I'm used to the traditional circle jump technique (as I imagine everyone is), but I think some new(ish) players might find it easier to pull off circle jumps without the strafe key or with a strafe key only. Experimenting with different techniques might open new routes and angles for your trick jumps! It might also come in handy in situations where you need to circle jump and at the same time look somewhere else where you otherwise couldn't with the traditional circle jump technique. There's also a good chance my video is pointless in which case you can stone me to death. You can also bone me to death, I'd like that more.
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HUBWALKEN (22 comments)
Posted by Smilecythe @ 12:19 BST, 12 September 2015 - iMsg

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Rating: 6.4 (10 votes)
A short frag movie consisting of mediocre filler frags from my other movie project. Coincidentally most of the deleted footage is Aerowalk stuff so I thought it'd be cool to make a short movie out of them instead of just deleting them.

The movie is dedicated to my all time favorite map in every game ever. Idea is inspired by CPM22: A Bulgarian Odyssey, but it might not be obvious enough and the quality is nowhere close.
I might make a sequel later with actually decent frags and editing. Feedback and crit is welcome.

Game: Xonotic
Frags and Editing: Smilecythe
Song: Sonic Mayhem - Action Radius

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Reflex art style changes once again... (88 comments)
Posted by Smilecythe @ 18:05 BST, 22 July 2015 - iMsg
..aka. Reflex alpha 0.36 preview.
..aka. And you thought Reborn/Diabetical had hard time making up their minds?

Reflex devs basically admit that they changed to a lazier artistic style in order to increase their production efficiency, so there's not really any point in pointing that out except for expressing pure acceptance and man cries. Those who dislike the minimalistic style can help themselves the best by just simply staying disappointed and moping in the dark. Regardless the low bar they set their visuals to, the plus side of course is that the game will now progress faster in other meaningful departments such as new UI stuff for map editor as seen on the topic, but the subject is still kind of hard to let go without shredding at least a tear or two.

Even though I and plenty of other people are excessive picmip fanboys, I realize the loss of quality frag movies are now going to have in general. Also I realize the value other arena shooters had with you being able to present your videos to your friends with picmips off and highest conceivable quality, because it's more pleasant to watch for new players and old players alike. If you think about it how good looking movies you can produce with Quake Live visuals, imagine a game with texture normal/depth maps and other neat shaders that weren't supported by Q3/QL. It's a tragic loss of potential on that end, but as long as you're just simply playing the game it doesn't really matter much especially if you're a full brown picmip fag like me in the first place. What do you guys think?
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Quake on an oscilloscope! (2 comments, locked)
Posted by Smilecythe @ 10:48 GMT, 30 December 2014 - iMsg
Locked by Teen Queen at 15:56 GMT, 30 December 2014 - 5569 Hits
Come on Zenimax/Bethesda/Whoever.. (52 comments)
Posted by Smilecythe @ 06:19 BST, 27 September 2014 - iMsg
"Oh, you got 2 tb hard drives? Okay let's make obscenely large games now."

Rage ~ 25gb
Wolfenstein: The New Order ~ 40gb
The Elder Scrolls Online ~ 80gb

Is Doom 4 going to be 160gb?
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Lovers Clan Movie 4 - We camp no more! (42 comments)
Posted by Smilecythe @ 13:40 GMT, 26 March 2013 - iMsg
So we're at 2013, what's new? Woody Allen's dopplerganger became a pope, muslim schoolkids commence an all out buttrage cyber-war on behalf of Sheakespeare sh*tting on top of Queeran (all of this ironically organized in Facebook), mid-aged men die to dancing Gangnam style and some poor souls even hang themselves to a hosepipe made of Thunderbirds figures to mourn the deceased Gerry Anderson. And now I personally need to have my fat thighs greased so that I can walk comfortably, but oh well things can't most certainly be all that bad, because Lovers clan Movie 4 is now finally out!

And as always we debunk the myths about competitive gaming and provide the facts about cancer treatment in return. And as in our previous movies, this time again our goal is to bring in something new and fresh to the table for you to upgrade your Jon Minnoch esque food pyramids into better condition. Or do you perhaps think it's perfect? There's always room for improvement as well as there's surely something new for every player in every tier to learn here, be it either completely unique tactics in your favorite arenas or whole new realization to fragging opponents, who knows maybe you discover ADHD symptoms?

Accept our love, let the thorns of these tokens of appreciation embed into your genitalia and jump into this crazy ride! And let's not forget the "Not Dorner, don't shoot me"- signs from the rears of our lovemobiles, because this thunder-ride is so fierce it will blow your hair off and roast your skin pitch black. When you comply to these guarantees you can never predict the bizzarre reaction of one of your average American police officers hallucinating in the presence of a bypassing blast that is Lover's clan movie 4! This project has been on for quite some time now and we hope from the bottom of our crotches that it will get the recognition it deserves. Have a watch and maybe a w*nk as well? The night is still too young to tell for sure.


"This film will without a doubt leave a big mark to the competitive scene and conclusively change the way we all see it."
- 2GD

"Watching this movie made us realize how much our 'lover parts' needed some ploughing."
- id Software

"I used to be able to read my opponents like open books, now I read them like porn magazines"
- Cooller

For those less enlightened folks these quotes are fake.

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